How To Choose The Right Private School In Singapore

How To Choose The Right Private School In Singapore

The school you choose for your kids can have a significant impact on their upbringing. The quality of teaching and the method of teaching can vary from one school to another. The school can have a substantial effect on the career of your child.

When you search for a private school in Singapore, the number of options you get are plenty. Rather than making your decision in haste, you have to determine what factors you should judge the private school on. We will cover these below.

1. Admission timelines

The admission deadlines of different private schools are different. You cannot abide by all the admission deadlines. There are essentially 2 things which you are looking for:

Admission deadlines

You have to look at the admission deadline. This is the deadline by which you need to submit all the documents as well as the form. Most schools allow you to submit the form online as well.

Nevertheless, you will have to submit some documents in the physical form as well.

You have to look at this deadline for the same and determine whether you can abide by it or not.


Many schools in Singapore have a waitlist as well. If the school you have shortlisted has a long waitlist, you will have no other option but to search for another one.

Once you judge the private school on these 2 parameters, it is easy to understand which ones you can research more into. A shorter list of schools will help you save time.

2. Facilities available

Without checking the facilities of the school, choosing one is a mistake. The infrastructure of the school has a significant role to play.

Ideally, youโ€™re looking for a school with proper infrastructure for sports, swimming and so on.Here, you have to take into consideration the interests of your child. If your child likes art, the school must have an art gallery or an art professor.

Similarly, if your child likes running, the school should have a track and field playground.

You can find out about the facilities on offer by browsing the school website.

3. School tour

Of course, you canโ€™t visit every school. You have to shortlist the schools based on the two parameters above and plan a school tour after that.

Once you visit the school, you can check the infrastructure and the facilities in the school.

You can see first hand the teaching culture of the school.

A school tour will help you easily decide on the private school.

4. Fees

The school fees in Singapore can vary from SGD 20,000 to 45,000 annually.

Without taking into account the fees, you cannot choose a private school in Singapore.

You have to keep in mind that these fees are to be paid for years together. Only when the fees are bearable should you shortlist that school. Do not overcommit financially while shortlisting the school.

Once you compare the different private schools on these parameters, it will become easier to shortlist the right school. Judging the schools on these 4 parameters helps you choose a school that can benefit your child.


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