How To Make Your Home Safe and Secure? 5 Essential Tips

How To Make Your Home Safe and Secure? 5 Essential Tips

Your home is a safe haven where you wind down to relax and recharge. However, there are several hazards within and outside your home that can put your loved ones in danger.

From security threats to potential accidents, a lot can happen, especially if you have children, elderly people, or individuals with mobility issues.

So, it’s high time you take the safety and security of your loved ones seriously with these important tips!

1. Fortify safety in the kitchen

While cooking, turn the pot handles inward to prevent accidentally bumping into them, which can lead to spilling and burning.

Alternatively, you can also put larger pots on the back burners to reduce the likelihood of bumping. This also prevents children and pets from reaching them.

Keep appliances and objects with sharp blades or glass in dedicated secure areas. This should be somewhere you won’t bump into.

Ensure all cookware is clean to prevent food debris from catching fire. Don’t leave the stove/oven while cooking indoors.

2. Be cautious of fire hazard

Poorly maintained chimneys lead to the buildup of creosote–a highly flammable substance that leads to chimney fires. To prevent fire breakouts, schedule at least an annual inspection by leading chimney sweeps Seattle service offerings.

Go for a highly reputable and seasoned business that offers all necessary services and has well-trained employees.

As a precaution, install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Check these appliances at least once every 3-6 months and replace batteries regularly. If the appliances are quite old, switch them out.

Keep fire extinguishers at home, with:

  • One in the kitchen
  • One in the garage
  • One for each floor as well.

Build a fire escape plan beforehand and store an emergency ladder on the upper floors of your home.

Additionally, follow these tips to avoid fires:

  • Store flammable materials away from ovens, stoves, microwaves, lamps, toasters, etc.
  • Use a non-flammable ashtray while smoking.
  • Never leave lighted candles unattended.

3. Fence the backyard and use door alarms

If you have children, elderly with cognitive issues, or pets, you never know when they might step out of your home and property. You will be worried sick if you suddenly notice they’re nowhere around.

So, install door alarms so that every time someone goes out, the system will alert you. Further, fence all around your property and keep the fence door locked at all times. This way, you can ensure that whoever went outside won’t go beyond the property.

If you also have a swimming pool, create a barrier or fence around it to prevent drowning accidents.

Note: Don’t let anyone swim without supervision or swim after alcohol consumption.

4. Prevent falling

Remove blankets, rugs, cords, clothes, bedsheets, and anything that can make you trip from the floor. Ensure good lighting in halls, stairwells, rooftops, and kitchens.

Install handrails, shower chairs, and non-slip bathtub mats in the bathroom to prevent slipping in the bathroom. Arrange furniture in a way so that the elderly or sick can access rooms easily. Even a healthy person must not get bumped by furniture.

If anyone has mobility issues or back pain, keep their necessities within their reach. Otherwise, they may lose balance while reaching for those and fall.

5. Secure your home against intruders

In 2022, the FBI reported that 1954.4 property crimes, like theft and burglary, happened in the US per 100,000 people. However, only 380.7 violent crimes occurred per 100,000 people.

With the problematic economy, more and more people are opting for dishonest lifestyles. So, you must also fortify your home from thieves and burglars. Here are some tips to protect your house against such crimes:

  • Install a home security system to discourage property crimes.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked after sunset. If the house is huge and most rooms are inhabited, keep the windows of those rooms locked unless necessary.
  • Install a smart video doorbell to check who’s at your door before opening it.
  • Don’t let non-residents know where the keys are kept. Instead of leaving spare keys under a pot, use key safes with combination codes.
  • If you have any furniture in the garden, anchor them with chains and padlocks.
  • Fill the pathway with gravel. If anyone enters, they’ll make a loud, crunchy noise and alert you.


These crucial tips provide you with all the knowledge to ensure the best safety measures at home. So, start practicing them today and enjoy a worry-free life!


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