How to Make Your Home Attractive on Airbnb?

How to Make Your Home Attractive on Airbnb?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a loss of business for many industries. However, if there’s one industry that has suffered the most due to the rampage created by this deadly virus, it’s the tourism industry. International tourism, in particular, has been affected significantly. Even the most avid travelers have not visited foreign lands for a long time. These people can get rid of the boredom by booking a staycation at an Airbnb rental property.

This must be good news for you if you already have a rental property listed on Airbnb or if you have plans to list your property on the platform. However, you must understand that as Airbnb is no longer a little-known way of promoting rental properties that it used to be a few years back, currently, the competition is pretty high on the platform. Property owners put in their best efforts to ensure that their properties stand out. As a property owner looking to get connected to renters through Airbnb, you must also do the same.

Use the Right Keywords in Your Listing

Currently, we are all in the era of online marketing. To market your offerings online, you must know how to optimize your content for search engines. One thing you cannot do without optimizing the details of a rental property for search engines is using the right set of keywords. 

Suppose you don’t use the keywords that your potential tenants or renters would enter when looking for accommodation for staycations in your content. In that case, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever appear in the initial search engine result pages. 

Make Your Listing Stand Out

You can use keyword analyzer tools available online to optimize your content or seek professional assistance from an SEO expert to make your listing stand out. Create landing pages that highlight the potential benefits to your prospective customers with the right tonality. Using the right SEO strategy and making optimum use of Social Media Marketing can help you get the right traffic online to promote your property. Correct use of relevant hashtags and timing that allows you to offer visibility amongst your targeted group of customers is also essential. 

Customize Your Property with Various Entertainment Features

To make your home even more attractive and hospitable to your prospective renters, provide them with as many entertainment options as possible. Luckily, you will not have a tough time finding some extremely fascinating in-home entertainment options. Some examples include board games, indoor games like table tennis and badminton, streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., and more. 

You must make sure that your guests can watch all their favorite movies, web series, and sporting events when enjoying a staycation at your Airbnb property. So, you must ensure that they can watch even programs that are only available overseas. To allow them to watch such content seamlessly and securely, you must use a reliable VPN service. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) has servers located all over the world, which allows it to evade geo-blocking and make desired overseas content available to viewers.

Keep Your Property Clean and Spotless

It’s needless to say that your chances of getting a property rented will become almost nil if you don’t keep it clean and spotless. What’s more, the pandemic has made people even more conscious about hygiene. So, even the renters, who were not so keen about checking the cleanliness of rental properties before, will now enquire about the steps you take to keep the rental home spotless and hygienic.

Make Your Home Photogenic

As renters will contact you after seeing your listing on Airbnb, adding high-quality photographs to your listing is a must. For the photos to be eye-catching, you must ensure that the rental home is photogenic. Contrary to popular belief, turning an average home into a photogenic one will not cost you a fortune.

Paint the rental home only if the rooms have damp spots on the wall or peel-off portions. If that’s not the case, you’ll not need to spend on re-painting your home. If you feel that the color combinations are not looking good in photos, change the curtains and sofa covers to solve the problem.

Have a good look at the lighting when choosing photos. If you want the photos to be attractive, capture them in daylight. Photos captured after sunset often make rooms look too dark.

When choosing pictures, make sure that you don’t end up making your electrical cords the central characters of the photos. The easiest way of hiding cords is by covering them using a cord cover. As you’re editing the photos of the property, you can also photoshop out the cords if you forget to hide them. This leads to the question, should there be any central character in the photos. It’s not mandatory to have any central character in every photo of the rental property. However, you can use unique furniture, home decors, or lighting fixtures as your photos’ main characters.


Suppose you execute the ideas mentioned above to make intelligent tweaks and changes to your property. In that case, there are high possibilities that people searching for rental homes on Airbnb will find your listing attractive. You must ensure that you don’t overdo things to make your property stand out. Just taking care of the basics like functionality, cleanliness, and aesthetics would be enough for making your property stand out.