How To Install Bathroom Stalls Successfully

How To Install Bathroom Stalls Successfully

Bathroom stalls now come as a complete set of panels, doors, and stands that can be easily installed in your building’s restroom if you are currently updating it. However, you need to make sure that the stalls you have ordered will seamlessly fit into your existing bathroom. Nowadays, new buildings have to conform to the specific requirements of the building code and restrooms with public access have to have key features like access for handicapped individuals, being gender-equal, and must provide privacy. Thus, it is important that if you have an old building and you decide to renovate or rehabilitate the building’s restrooms then it must be according to code. Changing the whole restroom can be costly and time-consuming and it can be inconvenient for the tenants of the building. As such, the easiest route would be is to update the restroom with new bathroom stalls, repaint the room, and install the safety features needed to pass the city and state inspection. It can seem like a very easy or doable task, and many do make the mistake of doing this as a DIY or renovation project with one or two workers. If not done properly, the renovation can easily cost more than the budgeted amount, become a source of headaches and frustrations. There is a complex system laid out in a bathroom that makes it functional and efficient, but without the help of a professional, your little renovation could become a big problem that is time-consuming and expensive. The best strategy to employ in this case is to seek the services of a skilled professional or a small contractor. Surely bathroom stalls make renovating bathrooms easy and quick, but it does require precision and an understanding of the building code and one that can carry out the design that you want for the new restroom. If you do decide to install the bathroom stalls by yourself, then read the following suggestions on how you can do this successfully. 

Determine the kind of bathroom stall you need

Bathroom stalls come in different materials and colors, and each one has a specific lifespan and varying costs. The best bathroom stall to invest in is the one made from stainless steel as it is durable, easy to clean and sanitize, and will last the longest. It is commonly used in restaurants and airports where there are strict guidelines on the safety and health of the users. There are stalls made from solid plastic, which can last for 30 years as it is moisture-resistant and durable. One of the most popular kinds is plastic laminate as it can come in many colors and designs or it can be printed too. It is made from sheets of steel and plastic and then laminated into a single sheet. It is also durable as it lasts from 5 to 10 years and it will be well worth it if you have a tight budget to work with. The most common and cheapest one is powder-coated steel; it is a great option if you need to replace several bathroom stalls at the same time. It normally comes in white and is easy to clean though it is not resistant to corrosion. If you have a low-traffic restroom, then this could be a great option. So before you order the bathrooms stalls that you need for the renovation, make sure to identify which stalls you want and provide a timeline of the project so that the supplier can have enough time to source the bathroom stalls and give you enough time to reorder if the suppliers cannot deliver your order on time. 

Measure the dimensions of the bathroom stall you want to use

If you are building a new restroom, then choosing the size and dimensions of the bathroom stalls you want to install will be an easy task since it will probably be in the standard sizes and according to code. However, if you are renovating or updating an old restroom that was built in the last decade or more, then it is probably not according to the new building code. You need to first measure the area that you have to work with and the number of existing units in the restroom and figure out if you could still have the same number with the new bathroom stalls. Most likely, you have to adjust or remove one to make way for the sizes of the stalls. Then you need to measure the distance from the ceiling and the floor, then determine which bathroom stall would offer the most privacy and safety when using the facilities. You also need to consider the door swing and distance and the depth of the bathroom stall, and you need to have precise measurements for this as it would be frustrating to have the bathroom stalls and then find out that it cannot fit or be used properly because it is a few inches off. 

Follow the bathroom stall installation instructions

Since the bathroom stalls that are most commonly sold today are in modular form, it is presumably easy to install. When it is delivered, it has very detailed instructions on how to install it. If you are doing the renovation on your own, then do make sure to read the instructions before you install it. You need to familiarize yourself with the pieces included in the bathroom stalls, where and how to attach each panel, as well as what hardware should be used when installing it. If you do come to a difficulty, you can always check with the supplier and ask for their assistance in the installation of the stalls. They also have very detailed videos and they can also have someone call you and help you through the steps or procedures. If you do decide that it is too much work for you and that you cannot successfully, do it, then it is time to hire the services of a professional. You need not hire the more expensive building contractors or firms, even your neighborhood handyman can do it. You can also watch and learn while they are installing one stall so that you can do it afterward.


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