5 Dominant Segments That Help Travellers Review A Holiday Property

5 Dominant Segments That Help Travellers Review A Holiday Property

Who doesn’t love travelling? Ask a child or an adult to plan a trip and everyone is already prepared with a bag waiting anxiously to explore a new destination.

Those days are gone when one has to visit a travel agent’s office to know details about a new package or an exotic holiday destination. With a growing population, the leisure to avail all facilities sitting at home is also rising.

Whether booking an appointment with a salon operation, a gym trainer, or a holiday agent, everything is possible just a click away. Earlier, we used to ask our relatives and close friends to suggest the best hotel or resort for vacation for a comfortable stay but now open any website online, and you will find endless positive and negative reviews about a particular place.

I recently planned a trip to an exotic resort, and a review helped me save a massive amount. It mentioned that “the pool was so dirty with a funny smell,” and a resort without a refreshing pool is a big no-no.

Maybe the resort needs just pool remodeling, rest everything was great, but I cancelled my plan. Everyone has their holiday bucket list ideas; for me, it has always been an exotic pool for sure.

What Reviews Shall A Traveller Post?

Well, endless segments are there to focus on when it comes to exploring a new holiday resort. Here is a list of 5 that dominates the overall experience.

1. Fitness Segment

Nearly all customers before travelling these days consult an online review. Therefore as a guest, one must leave a review that could help fellow visitors with no idea about new property. Identifying the resorts and hotels that best fit their holiday is an add on to the overall experience. Imagine going to a new resort without a gym facility, although it’s not a requirement for everyone, mostly fitness comes first these days.

One cannot miss a single day without regular work out. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body; therefore, to keep the brain healthy during vacation as well, regular exercise is a must. A review of the fitness segment must be shared whenever a new property has come across.

2. Hygiene Segment

It is an essential part of the checklist when it comes to staying away from home. Maintaining good hygiene in the surroundings and rooms captures the visitor’s attention, and everyone wants to spend time in good health.

While planning to stay outdoors for vacation, one tends to take proper hygiene maintenance for granted. Still, it depends on the housekeeping facility of a property, how well they maintain their hygiene. Leave a comment about the hygiene maintenance of the property before checking out to help others.

3. Swimming Pool Segment

A must-have in my list, I am sure would be in a list of many travellers too. Especially if travelling with kids, a clean pool is what all parents want. Sometimes it’s observed many resorts are equipped with such modern facilities in the rooms, but when it comes to their swimming pool, it is a big no go. The overall rating of a property depends on various factors, and the pool is one of them.

A filthy pool can degrade the rating from 5 to almost 1. Such resorts must undergo pool remodelling and visitors; please ensure to leave a comment about the Swimming Pool segment without any second thought.

4. Food And Beverages Segment

The authenticity of a resort lies in the taste of its warm meals. Food is a common weakness; everyone is ready to pay as high to enjoy good quality food. Someone who is on holiday away from home wants to relish the sumptuous meals, irresistible beverages, and exotic presentations.

Many properties focus on all three aspects, and still, others are unable to take care of the overall elements in a full course meal. Reviewing the Food and beverages relieves a visitor from searching any further and finalizing a particular property. 

5. Hospitality Segment

Who doesn’t want to feel home away from home while on holiday? As a traveller, the holiday becomes even memorable if you come across a hospitable staff. Some properties ensure they have professional and qualified staff who know the importance of hospitality towards a guest. Therefore cluttering such properties relieves a traveller from the guilt of investing his money to the best holiday trip and, in turn, making memories for a lifetime.



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