How to Improve the Functionality of Your Shed

How to Improve the Functionality of Your Shed

The North American outdoor shed market is expected to hit US$2,511.03 million by 2028. It’s clear that people are spending time and money on their sheds. Got it! Transforming that old shed can be much more than just a fresh lick of paint (although that’s a good start). 

If your shed deserves a bit of TLC, we’ve got a few tweaks to make it the coolest spot in your yard. 

Improving your shed foundation

Your shed’s foundation is crucial for functionality. A solid foundation keeps your shed level and sturdy while preventing any water-related headaches down the line.

For great water drainage, gravel foundations are the MVPs. Specifically, washed gravel, as it lets water flow through, keeping your shed base nice and dry even during heavy rain. Regular gravel can do the job, too, but it’s prone to caking up, which can lead to pesky water pooling around your shed.

Even if your shed is already standing, you can still revamp its foundation. Whether you swap out regular gravel for the washed stuff or opt for a whole new foundation type, like concrete blocks, there are plenty of shed foundation options to ensure your shed stays solid and dry for years to come. A foundation upgrade now could save you a lot of headaches later.

Extra lighting improves the functionality of your shed

Want to use your shed more when the sun calls it a day? This is particularly important if your shed doubles as an office. There are a couple of bright ideas to illuminate your space, whether you’re a night owl or a daytime dweller.

First up, we’ve got artificial lighting. A few strategically placed lights cast a glow on your tools and projects, turning your shed into a functional space even after dusk. Perfect for those late-night tinkering sessions or when you just need to find that one elusive screw in the dark corner.

Natural light is your go-to if you’re all about cutting costs and letting nature do its thing. Add some windows and skylights, allowing that glorious sunlight to flood in. Aim to position them in areas that will banish any gloomy shadows. This will brighten the space while bringing in fresh air, keeping your shed airy and inviting. Throw in some window boxes, and you’ve got a picture-perfect shed that considers aesthetics as much as functionality.

From Shed to Studio: Adding Insulation and Electricity

Upgrading your basic shed into an insulated shed with electricity can transform it into a versatile year-round space. This is perfect for anyone looking to create a home office, art studio, or craft workshop right in their backyard. Not only does insulation help maintain temperature control, but having electricity allows for the use of various tools and appliances that enhance functionality.

Protecting your shed inside and out

You want your shed to stand strong against the elements, and that’s all about sealing the deal. Literally. Grab some quality weatherproof sealant and slather it on the exterior wood and joints to create a barrier against water seepage. UV-resistant paint also acts as a shield against those pesky UV rays, keeping your shed looking fresh for longer.

You also want to avoid your shed turning into a sauna, especially in the summer months. Proper ventilation is key to controlling humidity and keeping mold at bay. So, if your shed’s feeling a bit stuffy, consider adding some vents. Place them on opposite walls for that sweet cross-ventilation action, and you’ve got yourself a shed that’s as breezy as a summer day. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to give your shed a good airing out every now and then, especially when the weather’s dry. Letting in that fresh air keeps things smelling sweet, helps circulate stale air, and reduces humidity. 

The uninvited guests that wreak havoc on your shed 

Pests love nothing more than a cozy little shed opening to sneak through. Grab your sealant and get to work filling in any gaps and cracks pronto. You can also use natural deterrents like lavender or peppermint against pests. They keep those unwanted visitors at bay and leave your shed smelling like a botanical paradise. 

Prevention is key. Don’t wait until you’ve got a full-blown infestation on your hands. Keep a keen eye out for any signs of trouble, like droppings or chewed-up items. Regular inspections are your best defense against pesky pests, so make it a habit to give your shed the once-over every now and then. If you are dealing with bigger pests like mice, we also recommend catch-and-release methods to ensure a humane process for removal. After all, they have just as much right to be in the great outdoors as you do!

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