How Selling Luxury Homes Differs from Regular Listings?

How Selling Luxury Homes Differs from Regular Listings?

If you’re trying to sell your luxury home, then you know by now that finding the right buyer can be difficult. More often than not, most of the buyers who show interest in your luxury property aren’t serious or don’t have the money to buy it. Others aren’t sure what they’re looking for, which can lead to wasted time.

As experienced luxury realtors, one of the commonest questions we get from owners of high-end properties is: “How can I sell my house fast in Kansas City?” Fortunately, this article is meant to give you insights into what you can do to sell your high-end listing fast. We look at the nuances of luxury homes and what makes them so different from regular listings.

What is a Luxury Property?

High-end homes come with elegance and are designed to offer exceptional comfort and exclusivity. They come with a range of premium features and amenities. Some other unique characteristics of luxury properties include:

  • They have elegant and sophisticated designs with high-end fixtures and finishes.
  • They have larger spaces and multiple amenities such as swimming pools, wine cellars, private gyms, spas, and saunas.
  • They’re located in exclusive and upscale neighborhoods.
  • They’re constructed with premium materials.
  • Luxury homes are more expensive than standard homes.

6 Ways Selling Your Luxury House Is Different from a Standard House

1. Is the Pricing Right?

When selling a high-end home, one of the most important elements to get right is the pricing. Unlike regular properties that have a pool of comparables, luxury properties’ qualities are unique, making them less comparable.

Further, buyers of regular properties are often affected by mass-market shifts, which is not the case for luxury buyers. Ensuring your high-end home is priced correctly is also important, as luxury buyers know when a home is under or overpriced.

2. Capture the Attention of the Right Buyer

It’s important to place your luxury listing in front of the right buyers. Buyers of high-end homes have unique preferences compared to those of regular listings. While some may be drawn to the view, others are looking for a modern loft. Luxury buyers also look out for qualities and elements that connect with their desired lifestyle. Most of them don’t buy property out of necessity but desire. This is why it’s important to work with a luxury realtor who knows your target market priorities.

An important factor to consider when looking for the right buyer is where they spend their time and how to display your property to get their attention. In some regions, high-end buyers are located internationally. This means you need to have affiliations with global publications and maybe be a member of luxury real estate investor groups. Again, working with an experienced luxury realtor can help you get your home in front of the right eyes

3. Traditional Marketing Will Not Work

For regular listings, putting up marketing posts on social media or having an open house may be effective ways of marketing your property. However, for high-end properties, this might not work.  Luxury buyers aren’t looking for properties in standard places, so don’t focus your marketing efforts there.

Besides, when it comes to expensive homes, perception is everything. Be ready to invest in top-quality marketing materials and photography. Make sure to showcase the high-end features of your home when marketing the property. Further, ensure the photography and videography are of high quality. For instance, include guided walk-through videos and quality drone imagery.

4. Get Rid of the Public Open House

For a luxury home, it’s about getting the right buyer rather than getting numerous buyers. To cultivate an air of exclusivity, skip the public open house when it comes to your luxury home. Instead, go for appointment-only viewings. An appointment or invite-only viewing makes buyers feel like seeing your property is a privilege.

If you set an open house for your expensive home, you’re likely to attract everyone-even people who have no interest in buying the home. Besides, high-end buyers will most likely skip an open house.

5. Offer Value

When it comes to high-end properties, the more value you can offer, the better. Can you part with the customized master bedroom set or offer the buyer an exclusive dinner at a five-star restaurant? Sweeten your offer with a few perks or added bonuses. This will separate you from the competition, especially if there are other luxury homes in your area for sale.

6. Work with a Luxury Realtor

You’ll need more than just luck to sell your luxury home fast. You need an agent who is experienced in selling luxury properties. Such an agent will have the right connections and a network of potential buyers.

You also need an agent who understands what potential buyers are looking for when hunting for a luxury home and how they can highlight the unique features of your home when marketing the property. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra help when you want to sell your luxury home quickly and at the right price.


Selling a luxury home isn’t easy, but not impossible. The above tips will give you a head-start when it comes to selling your high-end home. Remember, if you’re having difficulties selling your expensive home, it’s time you hire a real estate agent who understands the different approaches required to sell a high-end property.


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