How Aluminum Doors and Windows Bolster Your Home’s Value

How Aluminum Doors and Windows Bolster Your Home’s Value

It goes without saying that every homeowner across the globe wants to bolster their home’s value as much as possible. From ornate front yards to swanky extensions, there are various features available that will surely boost the value of a property. One thing you might not realize is that an aluminum angle has real power in the world of real estate. This is in relation to aluminum windows and doors, which can add curb appeal to any property. To that end, detailed below are just some of the ways aluminum doors and windows are renowned for bolstering the value of your property. 

It Broadens Your Home’s Design Possibilities 

Firstly, aluminum slots into any space nicely, meaning that it can significantly broaden your home’s design possibilities. For some, the ticket to a beautiful home is large bay windows that allow copious amounts of natural light into the space, and aluminum is the ticket to making this possible. While various materials can be used to achieve this effect, aluminum is certainly best suited to larger custom projects. This is down to its inherent strength and flexibility, which allows for the necessary moldability. As a result, it won’t snap or bend under the weight of glass. 

It Boosts the Quality of Life in Your Home

Since aluminum windows block out exterior noise, they make for a more pleasant living experience. What’s more, they don’t release toxic gas or carcinogenic dioxins when they’re exposed to high temperatures, and this means that the air in your home remains free from dangerous particles. Similarly, aluminum boasts moisture resistance, meaning water doesn’t seep into the walls surrounding the window. This means that walls won’t require additional upkeep to protect them from mold or the weakening of the structure. Lastly, aluminum joints won’t expand depending on temperature, meaning the window won’t shift or dislodge. 

It’s Strong and Durable

Aluminum sits among the most durable and strong building materials available, meaning it’s ideal for various applications. In spite of this durability and strength, it’s still extremely lightweight, meaning load bearings can be significantly reduced. This sets aluminum apart from other materials, such as wood, as wood is incredibly weighty, increasing the load on a home’s structure. What’s more, in spite of this additional weight, wood still isn’t as strong as aluminum, meaning it’s simply not as much of an advantageous material. All in all, for strength, durability, and a lightweight nature combined, aluminum is the way forwards. 

It’s Low Maintenance

Once aluminum doors and windows are installed, they require very minimal maintenance. In fact, aluminum has a lifespan of anywhere between 20 and 50 years, placing it as one of the strongest construction materials you can find. For instance, aluminum is immune to UV rays, resistant to corrosion, and weather-proof. This means that they’re not as likely to deteriorate over time. While there are plenty more building materials on the market that are able to withstand 50 years of use, these require frequent monitoring and maintenance to avoid breakage and deterioration. 

It’s Affordable and Sustainable 

Last but certainly not least, the use of recycled aluminum reduces the initial investment cost and reduces the environmental footprint of the project. In fact, 75% of all aluminum produced since it was first used as a building material is still being used today. This is because it has been recycled numerous times, meaning the cost of production has been lowered over time. At the same time, its environmental impact has gotten lower and lower. All in all, processing recycled aluminum on requires 5% of the energy needed to create aluminum from scratch.


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