Home Painting and Decorating – 6 Ways to Bring a Fresh New Look to Your Interior

Home Painting and Decorating - 6 Ways to Bring a Fresh New Look to Your Interior

How long has it been since you’ve painted the inside of your home? Is it starting to feel a bit dated and stale? Are you getting tired of the same old colors on your walls? Well, if you painted it years ago, it probably looked great and made you happy, but now it’s probably time for a change. So, what is the solution? Well we might have just the thing for you. Here are six great painting and decorating ideas for you to consider that will definitely bring a fresh new look to your home’s interior.

1. Go Light and Neutral

Your home is where you go to relax and unwind. Our tip is to use light colors on your wall, from sky blues to neutral palettes. By adding white trim and a stark white ceiling, you’ll create a light, relaxing atmosphere. Neutral colors blend really well with other furniture and accessories in your home, making it easier for you to add a decorative touch. If you can’t decide which color would work best for your home, roof painting contractors Cape Town can help solve your problem. You can also hang art on your walls as well as recent pictures of your family. Try refinishing your wooden furniture, hang new blinds, curtains or other window treatments, and paint your picture frames in bold colors to further enhance the space. 

2. Try Temporary Paint

If you’ the type who embraces changing your decor every once in a while, and love the look of freshly painted walls, then temporary paint is an excellent solution. These DIY adhesive wall-coverings come in bright and natural hues. You just stick them onto the walls, and you have a newly painted room, without the extensive dry times and odors. When you get tired of it, you simply peel it off and apply a new color. 

3. Wallpapers

Solid colors are boring. If you agree, you might want to spice up your walls with beautiful prints and patterns. Similar to temporary paint, removable wallpaper is easy to use with its peel and stick application. Wallpaper is available in various fun, colorful patterns, and prints, making it a great and easy way to give your boring space an appealing and eye-catching statement wall. For a dramatic effect, consider installing oversized prints and patterns. Try this tip in small spaces, from powder rooms where it’s easy to take a big risk or in your dining room where you spend most of your evening. 

4. Add A Gallery Wall

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, installing a gallery wall will surely leave you speechless and brighten up your dull and boring walls, particularly in the living room and bedroom. Put your favorite Kodak moments on display and adorn a boring wall with photo frames of all sizes and shapes. You can also hang personalized artwork, especially the ones your kids drew. This will give your home a personal vibe and serve as a conversation starter. 

5. Try a Chalkboard Wall

Remember how you liked to draw on the walls when you were a kid? Well, you can keep that habit of scribbling anywhere by adding a chalkboard wall. You won’t be the only one to enjoy your new wall, your kids will love it too. It will keep them entertained for hours. Chalkboard walls not only allows you to keep your creativity alive by doodling on your walls, but it also serves as a bold statement in your space. Consider going with classic deep grays or bolder colors. 

6. Installing Wall Frame Moldings

Wall frame molding can help make a large room feel intimate. If you already have those moldings and you’re searching for ideas to bring them to life, consider seeking inspiration from Mother Nature. Add a decorative and subtle touch by painting tree branches which are a natural motif for rooms with a garden view. It will give those boring wall frame molding a brand-new look. 


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