Grès Porcelain Stoneware – All You Need To Know

Grès Porcelain Stoneware - All You Need To Know

A shiny glass looking, non-porous, compact, high-density stoneware is called Porcelain Stoneware tiles. This type of porcelain tiles is mainly used for their durability, as well as high resistance to climate, fire and water, and long-lasting wear and tear. It is made by heating the clay materials in extreme heat. And the finished product leaves you in awe.

There are various patterns and designs of Porcelain tiles: Wood-look tile, designer tile, stone and concrete-look tile, etc. Porcelain tiles are best known for their low water absorption rate, withhold their integrity and low maintenance. So whether you are thinking of renovating a place or building it up from scratch, porcelain tiles should be your go-to. It has both outdoor, indoor, wall and even bathroom tile ranges.

Qualities and price range of Porcelain Stoneware

Grès Porcelain Stoneware - Bathroom with Sea View

Different places, different features

Outdoor, indoor, wet floors, there are different porcelain stoneware for each place. Each has its endurance level, higher than the other. The fascinating part is Porcelain Stoneware has a gloss finish, making it more resistant to heat, bump and weather.

Advantages that set it aside

Floors are prone to things falling on them. Porcelain tiles can withhold daily impacts. Each type offers a different resistance level as they have different tiles for various places – outdoor, indoor, bathroom. You get to choose from designs such as bold wood look tile for the aesthetic natural feel, solid colours for sophistication, stoneware and marble look for more elegance. They are easy to install and have a low water absorption rate. They can withstand climate changes like the extreme heat and frosty weather. And chemical spill is nothing to worry about.

Cleaning and low maintenance

Having tile floors is sometimes a headache for its cleaning and maintenance. But porcelain tiles are known for their ease of cleaning and maintaining properties. Their glass look finish keeps it free of stains and bumps. An occasional brooming and weekly mopping with harmful chemical free tiles cleaners will keep it as new. So you can have your weekly grilling out in the yard and not worry about the tiles beneath you.

As porcelain stoneware has high heat and water resistance, it is the perfect material for decorating your kitchen workplace. The same applies to furnishing a bathroom floor, even if you plan to use steams and hot water. After all, Porcelain stoneware tiles need just a little maintenance and are easy to clean up after work.

Price ranges Grès porcelain tiles

Grès Porcelain tiles are known for their unique looks and quality. Its toughness, frost resistance and ability to overcome wear and tear makes it more convenient for any home, office or business place. There are porcelain tiles for every environment. And each has its price. The price ranges from somewhere between £30 to £60 per square meter for the indoor porcelain stoneware. And for the outdoor tiles, the price ranges from £40 to £70 per square meter.


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