Futuristic Alessandro Isola EGO Kitchen by Record è Cucine Milan, Italy

Futuristic Alessandro Isola EGO Kitchen by Record è Cucine Milan, Italy

EGO is a kitchen concept of pure form with volumes that unfold. Starting from the parallelepiped as the base concept, it is a simple, pure form with surfaces that are “layered” in various materials. The various layers open like the sides of a box, like a game. Turning them into geometric cuts like sharp, precise symbolic elements. Highlighting the materials and their combinations. Wood is the precious outer covering. Inside, the “heart” is in marble and there’s metal, which serves to provide contrast. And then it creates new shapes and opens up new possibilities. The new functionalities of Ego.

EGO is a convenient, customized island. The space is freed up from the division between the block of marble (light) and the wood (dark) cladding. This area houses a metal channel equipped to hold spices, greens, herbs, electrical outlets, kitchen utensils, whatever one may need when working on the Ego countertop

Marble, metal, wood is the soul of EGO. Raw oak is offered in elegant shades of grey. A unique excavated effect highlights the depth and design of the grain. For surfaces that are pleasant to the touch, warm, and exciting. We use Lasa Bianco marble from Val Venosta, in the Stelvio National Park, a material that is ancient, beautiful, and natural. It has always been used for sculptures, and today it is an attractive addition to home furnishings as well. The soul of the EGO worktop is in aluminium, which is the perfect metal thanks to its ductility and lightness as well as for how sturdy and long lasting it is. It is an element that is extremely common in nature and is also ecological because it is 100% recyclable and recycled.

EGO is practical elegance. The two sides fold out to become another workspace. A table for an informal breakfast. The thin silhouette lightens the perception of the shape. Slight in terms of design and decisive, strong and resistant in terms of its metallic core. The wooden cladding is pleasant to the touch.

EGO has incredibly clean volumes with pure form There are no visible edges that stick out. It is one perfectly unified piece featuring openings, a top, and sides. All cut at 45 degrees for a single compact element, marked by two grooves only on the side with drawers. The middle groove allows for the first drawer above and the second drawer below to be opened with ease.

EGO is practicality, function, aesthetics, efficiency. The practical elegance of black interiors makes identifying the different shapes easier. The healthy warmth and pleasant tactile sensations of wood. The many different drawer and deep drawer organizers available enable storage to be organized in the best way possible. The huge variety of small utensils, food, cutlery, products… that we need today for modern-day cooking require space. EGO delivers all the space you need. Every item in its place, easy to find and use.

  • Name: Ego Kitchen
  • Brand: Record è Cucine
  • Product: The Cut
  • Designer: Alessandro Isola
  • Country: Italy


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