Homeowner Essentials – 5 Useful Tips for Home Air-Conditioning Maintenance

Homeowner Essentials - 5 Useful Tips for Home Air-Conditioning Maintenance

Air-conditioning is something that you probably don’t think about until it becomes an absolute necessity on those hot summer days. But can you rely upon your system when you need it? Do you know that an air conditioning system needs periodic maintenance in order to be in top condition? If you want your unit to function properly, its coils, fins, and filters need regular attention. If the maintenance is not done regularly, then the unit can lose is performance and energy usage will increase. In worst cases, you may find yourself needing to replace a unit that needs excessive repair. 

Climate Experts of Pickering, Ontario put together the following useful tips for air-conditioning maintenance that homeowners should consider as part of a regular house upkeep schedule.  

Filters Maintenance 

For maintaining the efficiency of your air-conditioner, the filters need regular maintenance. You may need to clean or replace them. As time passes, the filters get dirty and clogged which affects the flow of air and reduces its efficiency. Moreover, the dirt in the filters can further go to the evaporator coil and can impair the coils’ heat-absorbing capacity. That is why; you need to keep them clean. If they are clogged, then replace them with new and clean filters. It will not only improve the efficiency of the unit but also will decrease the energy consumption by up to 15%. 

The filters in home air-conditioner are in the indoor unit, you can clean or replace them easily. But if you have a central air-conditioning then you can find the filters near the return duct. Commonly they are found in furnaces, walls, ceilings or the unit. Most of the filters in-room air-conditioner are easy to clean and reusable, some of them need replacement. Most of the people do not clean their filters in the cooling season. Despite you are not running your unit, you must clean the filters every two months. In hotter season, you need to clean them frequently, especially when it is subjected to dusty conditions. 

Coils Maintenance 

Another part that needs regular maintenance is the condenser coil and evaporator coil. However, if you keep your filter clean, there are fewer chances of dirt in the coils. But still, they collect dirt over time. This dirt on the coils insulate them and reduces their capacity for absorbing heat. It not only affects the efficiency but also increases energy consumption. So, check the coils before the start of the hot season and clean them as necessary. If the environment of your surrounding is dirty then the condenser coils also need to be cleaned. 

Fins Maintenance 

There are fins on condenser coils and evaporator coils that can easily block airflow. You need to set these aluminum fins back to their original condition by using a tool called a “fin comb”. 

Window Seals 

When a cooling season starts, check the seal of your window air-conditioner. You need to make sure that it is making contact with the metal case. The moisture can damage this seal and allows the cool air to escape. 

Hire A Professional When Needed 

When things go wrong or deteriorate with your air conditioning unit to the point that it is no longer effective, you will need to call in a professional. If you notice any problem that you cannot fix with some simple troubleshooting, it’s time to call a trained technician to fix the problem.


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