Five Rooms That Can Make or Break Your Renting Experience

Five Rooms That Can Make or Break Your Renting Experience

You have a large family, so you are looking at the descriptions online of three-bedroom apartments for rent. You’ve analyzed the lease, scoped out the neighborhood, and understand the people you will be living with. 

You’ve also done research on population density, the attractions in the area, and weighed the pros and cons of living in the apartment that you’ve picked out. But did you analyze the floor plan of your apartment?

The floor plan can be an important part of getting the best three-bedroom apartment for rent. Here are five rooms which, if they are not laid out correctly, can make or break your renting experience.

The Bedrooms

The location of the three bedrooms in your ideal three-bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai can completely change your experience. For example, you might like to check on your kids every night before they go to bed. One bedroom might be all the way on the other end of the apartment, making it a chore to check on them. 

Other problems may include the bathroom not being en suite in the master bedroom, there not being enough closet space, or the room being an awkward side. When you go for a viewing, you should make sure that you bring a measuring tape to make sure that you can fit everything in the bedrooms that you want to bring. 

The Bathrooms

The size and location of the bathrooms in your ideal three-bedroom apartment for rent  can also change your experience. There may be three bathrooms, but perhaps only one of them has a shower. This can create massive problems and logjams every morning on the way to school or work. 

Other problems can include that the bathrooms are not close to any of the bedrooms. This will cause problems if you or your child wakes up in the middle of the night and must sprint across the property just to reach the bathrooms.

Privacy is also a problem. If one if your children or extended relatives likes to have privacy in their own bedrooms, then an apartment that does not have en suite bathrooms may not work. Bathrooms and the way people use them can be very specific. Make sure that your floor plan matches the logistics you will need for the long run. 

The Kitchen

The layout of the kitchen is extremely important. Counterspace and kitchen appliances are a must. Some apartments will not come with appliances, while others will. This is the first consideration when getting a three-bedroom apartment for rent.

Other problems can include that the counter is too large in the kitchen, creating a logjam as people try to pass through it. The stove may not have enough burners or be in an odd spot of the kitchen, and the cabinets may be too high to reach. All these parts of a kitchen should be taken into consideration before you rent your apartment. 


The second-to-last room to take into consideration is how many closets there are or, put another way, how much closet space you have. You will need closets for games and clothing, and all other accessories. If you will not have enough closet space for your children’s games and clothes, and your hamper and clothing, or enough closet space for any of your other accessories, then this might not be the right three-bedroom apartment for rent. 

Spare Room

The last room to take into consideration is whether there is a spare room, and how big it is. If there is not enough closet space for all your belongings, you might be able to store them in the spare room. You should measure and see if the remainder of your belongs will fit in the spare room.


The layout of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, closets, and spare room in a three-bedroom apartment for rent can make or break your experience. Bedrooms should be located near bathrooms; the kitchen should have enough space to walk through; and the closets and spare rooms should be enough to hold all your belongings. If any of these rooms fail the tests, this might not be the perfect three-bedroom apartment for rent for you.


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