Eva Eclectic Los Angeles Penthouse Design by Maxime Jacquet

Eva Eclectic Los Angeles Penthouse Design by Maxime Jacquet

Belgium-born LA interior designer Maxime Jacquet produced a cutting-edge work of art in 2013 when he redesigned the Eva (full of life) Eclectic Penthouse on the 19th floor of the Sunset Vine Tower that he shared with French bowtie designer Ludo Barras. The residence merges high fashion with an explosion of colors, materials, art, and objects into a visceral fusion of style.

Maxime calls this bohemian signature Hollywood penthouse, โ€œWonderlandโ€. Itโ€™s like stepping into a dream world fantasized by the young and personifies the treasured memories of the old. The trend-setting interior design phenomenon created a unique artistic expression of a spectacular and almost theatrical impression of being in an exclusive club or lounge, hidden from the rest of the world. The vibrant design is a whirlwind of energy that nourishes all the senses with luxury, casual comfort, vivacious vigour, fashion, and even humour.

Maxim Jacques managed to turn a strange and inconsistent design without regularity into an enjoyable environment of dreams that turned out perfectly with every object seemingly finding its own authentic place within an immersive space suspending ordinary expectations of style and glamour with show-stopping chic.


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