Emergency Plumbing Services And How To Know When You Need Help

Emergency Plumbing Services And How To Know When You Need Help

If you need an emergency plumber, you’ll know it. The problem would be so big that it would be impossible to hide. Either the water is coming from a leak, or there’s another big problem in your home. Blockages and leaks can result in your home, its internal piecework, and your personal belongings being seriously damaged. Here are a few issues that would require an emergency plumber.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes in extremely cold weather can lead to numerous issues. Along with having no running water, if it isn’t quickly resolved, your pipes can burst or crack. This can cause huge amounts of leaks/flooding if not caught early enough. If you suspect you have freezing water pipes, you need to respond quickly. If they become fully frozen, they’ll likely burst and leak when it begins to unfreeze, and the water starts to run again. You should make sure your water and electric supply are turned off at the mains in this case.

Burst Pipes

If you have a water pipe that bursts, you should immediately shut off your electricity and water at the mains. Contact an emergency plumber from a reputable plumbing company right away to avoid the problem becoming worse. Clear the flooded near right away to minimise the damage. Water can damage your walls, cupboards, and floors if left. The longer you leave the gate, the worse it gets, so you should clear it up as soon as you can. While waiting for your emergency plumber, lay down some dry towels over the leak, and replace them as they get wet in case the leak continues.

Blocked Drains

If your water isn’t bubbling as the water goes down or your sink isn’t draining, your drains are blocked. In this case, you can give shop products a try, but this doesn’t guarantee to resolve your issue. Blockages can build up over time to the point where dry cleaner will be useless. Many blocked drains begin with a small blockage before getting worse, and off the shelf blockers might not do a thorough enough job and you might get an overflow later on that can result in a lot of damage.

Blocked Toilets

You should be able to notice this one quite easily. If the waste inside your toilet isn’t going down or the water rises when your toilet is flushed, you have a blocked toilet. Should this be the case, try to dislodge the blockage with a plunger. If this fails to work, call an emergency plumber and they’ll be on their way. They’ll know exactly how to address the problems, as the blockage could be in the toilet to pipework, or into the waste pipe.

Wrap Up

There are numerous reasons for calling an emergency plumber, and if one comes up, you should get in touch with one before your problem becomes a bigger one. Wixon Gas and Heating’s emergency service can help you at a moment’s notice, no matter what issue you’re having in your home. Whether it’s floods and leaks or blocked pipes, an emergency plumber from Wixon can do it all.


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