Car Insurance – Collision vs. Comprehensive

Car Insurance - Collision vs. Comprehensive

One of the best and scariest feelings in the world is the feeling of buying a new car. It can be daunting as you are now left with how you are going to insure the vehicle. The right type of insurance should be chosen to protect your car from damage and or accidents.

While you search for auto insurance, comprehensive and collision insurance will undoubtedly cross your path. This article will give you more information on these two types of insurance and why you should consider them for your car.

What Is Comprehensive Insurance?

Any damage like vandalism, theft, damage from animals, fire, or falling objects, in other words, non-collision damage, will be covered by comprehensive insurance. 

A comprehensive insurance is also one of the most cheaper coverages out there, including liability and collision. This insurance is usually a must if you are leasing a car. Otherwise, it is optional. 

Here Are Some of the Biggest Pros and Cons of Comprehensive Insurance


  • If you fully own the car, this insurance is optional.
  • Non-collision damage is covered.
  • Theft is included in the coverage.


  • Medical costs are not covered.
  • Does not cover accidents.
  • It can be expensive.

What Is Collision Insurance?

Any damage caused by an accident or a car that has been totalled in an accident is covered by collision insurance. If your car got hit by a stationary object like a tree or a mailbox, or even a single-car rollover accident, you would be covered by collision insurance.

Here Are Some of the Pros and Cons of Collision Insurance


  • After an accident, this insurance will save you on out-of-pocket payments.
  • Covers accidents.
  • Covers roll-over accidents.
  • Covers accidents with stationary objects.


  • Raises your premium.
  • Does not cover non-collision damages or medical expenses.

Collision Versus Comprehensive Insurance

What each of these insurances covers is what the difference is. And also, comprehensive insurance is a bit cheaper than collision coverage.

Each coverage has a separate deductible, and they are additions that are optional to liability coverage. This all means that your premium will be raised.

When Should I Choose Comprehensive Insurance?

You should choose this coverage if you want to be covered from unforeseen events like theft and vandalism and weather conditions such as floods, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. Most importantly, if you can’t afford to replace or repair a stolen or damaged vehicle.

When Should I Choose Collision Insurance?

When your deductible is less than the value of your car, you should consider this coverage. Especially if you have a newer car and you are accident-prone.


So if you are looking around for car insurance, consider both of them if you want to have the ultimate protection and total peace of mind. Just remember that if you fully own a car, this is optional, but you will have to get one or other if you are financing or leasing a vehicle.

But if you can afford either of them, it is an excellent decision to take one. Without one of them, you will have a significant loss in money if tragedy strikes, and you also will have to take the chance to be prepared to buy a new car if yours gets totalled or stolen.


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