Beyond Diamonds – 5 Striking Options For An Engagement Ring

Beyond Diamonds - 5 Striking Options For An Engagement Ring

Diamonds have been the traditional option for decades when it comes to engagement rings. Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. Though you might have a best friend, a couple of other good friends will not hurt.

For a wide variety of reasons, many people are looking for alternatives to diamonds for their engagement rings. Many people, including celebrities, now wear engagement rings that are not made from diamonds. The good news is that there are several other worthy alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings. 

The following are several striking options for an engagement ring:


Moissanite Ring

If you want a diamond for an engagement ring but cannot get one, Moissanite comes in a close second. It looks like a diamond and feels like one without the high price tag and conflict involved in getting a diamond. 

Moissanite stone was discovered by a French scientist after whom the stone was named in 1893. Only a certified expert using a magnifying tool would tell the difference between a diamond and a moissanite stone.

The best part about it is that a carat of Moissanite only costs a tenth of what a carat of diamond costs. Therefore, you can get a huge rock or even go for his and her wedding rings if you like. 


Garnet Ring

Garnet is another material that could serve as a suitable replacement for a diamond in an engagement ring. 

You can find garnet stones in various colors, which ensures a variety of choices for anyone who wants a ring in a particular shape. Garnet is famous for its glossy glow, which looks fantastic on an engagement ring. 

Garnet can also be combined with other minerals to make very peculiarly interesting and beautiful jewelry. You can find garnet and diamond rings, garnet and gold rings, as well as garnet and sapphire rings. Such combinations make garnet rings unique but much cheaper than diamond rings. 


Sapphire Ring

Sapphire is a gem that is quite well known for its use in jewelry, including engagement rings of late. The mineral has a ranking of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and is the third hardest mineral in the world.ย 

Despite being almost as hard as diamond, sapphires cost less than half the price, making them a perfect replacement for a diamond in engagement rings. Sapphires are often blue, but you can find them in various colors, including yellow, pink, and white. 

It does not sparkle as much as a diamond, but it will give you enough shine for your buck. 


Ruby Ring

A ruby is one of the four precious stones making it a worthy alternative to diamonds in an engagement ring. 

A ruby is worth being a wedding ring for the man or woman too. Rubies are blood red and often have incredible origin stories because they are hard to procure. 

Ruby also ranks nine on the Mohs scale of hardness, so it will be suitable to wear even in the worst environments. Ruby is as expensive as a diamond, so you won’t save any money when choosing a ruby for an engagement ring, but it will be worth it. 


Emerald Ring

Another member of the four precious stones, you could place an emerald in an engagement ring. Emeralds have a distinctly rich, green color that looks exquisite, especially in the proper lighting. 

Emeralds are not as popular as they used to be, but they are coming back in style and would make a worthy addition to an engagement ring. 

Choosing the gem or mineral to place in an engagement ring is an issue of serious contention. If you can afford it, then you have the pick of the litter, including the hailed diamond. 

Otherwise, you might have to get an alternative to diamond, and the options above might suffice. If you make the right choice, the ring should last forever.


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