An Inside Look At The Safest Neighborhoods In Washington, DC

An Inside Look At The Safest Neighborhoods In Washington, DC

Do you need to find a safe neighborhood to move to? While things are turning around in Washington, there are still some areas that need improvement. 

Living in an unsafe neighborhood can decrease your overall happiness. You’ll have to worry about your safety, whether it’s going home alone at night or letting your kids play outside. 

If you are planning to move to Washington, DC, you need to consider a few things first. Keep reading for the list of the safest neighborhoods in Washington, DC. Let’s get into it!

Brightwood in Northwest DC

Brightwood in Northwest DC is one of the safest neighborhoods in the nation’s capital. It is home to a diverse mix of residents and thriving neighborhood businesses.

Additionally, the community is accessible by public transit, including both the DC Metro and circulator bus routes. The area has a great deal of public parkland, including the wildly popular Rock Creek Park. Furthermore, the area has local amenities like:

  • Farmers markets
  • grocery stores
  • Nearby entertainment
  • Dining opportunities

Lastly, crime rates in Brightwood are extremely low, and the area is generally safe for pedestrians throughout the day and night.

Millenium Residencesย 

Millenium Residences bring an unparalleled level of security for potential tenants. Homeowners benefit from:

  • Attentive 24/7 security guards
  • Video surveillance
  • Key-coded entry doors
  • Residential parking areas

Also, the on-site concierge team can assist with everyday tasks such as package handling. Ultimately, this place offers spacious homes with modern amenities such as:

  • A state-of-the-art fitness center
  • On-site convenience store
  • Several clubs and events

The tight-knit community of thisย Luxury Apartment in Washington, DCย is perfect for those who seek a secure and engaging environment to call home.

Capitol Hill in Southwest DC

Capitol Hill in Southwest DC is home to the US Supreme Court and the US Capitol. Also, the residential neighborhoods are secured with the following:

  • High-end homes
  • Quiet streets
  • Strong community engagement

Residents of this place are afforded the assurance of safety through an extensive neighborhood watch program. With its desirable features and secure atmosphere, Capitol Hill deserves to be mentioned with Washington DC’s other safest neighborhoods.

The Ohio Drive

This neighborhood is located off the Anacostia River near the Potomac. It is quite secluded and tranquil, making it popular among families with children.

The running and walking paths along the river provide scenic views that make it a great place for bike rides and picnics. This place is also covered with tall trees that offer shade during the summer heat and ample parking.

The residents are connected to a wide variety of businesses and locations, making it easy to get to popular destinations like the National Mall. Because of its location and layout, Ohio Drive is typically a quiet area with little crime.

With these people and resources on hand, Ohio Drive continues to be one of the safest neighborhoods in the Nation’s Capitol.

Know the Safest Neighborhoods in Washington, DC Today

Living in DC has exceptional neighborhoods that are secure and provide a safe and comfortable lifestyle. Old Town Alexandria, Cathedral Heights, Woodley Park, and Chevy Chase provide desirable living in the nation’s capital.

So, if you’re looking for the safest neighborhoods in Washington, DC to call home, those top choices are the best to consider.


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