8 Effective Methods To Find Land Buyers Near Me

8 Effective Methods To Find Land Buyers Near Me

If you’ve inherited a piece of land that you don’t intend to use or purchased a lot of years ago, but your plans fell through, you’re likely considering selling. A land sale can be a long and challenging process. However, you can maximize qualified leads and close the deal fast by taking the proper steps. To help you out, we’re listing some tips on finding land buyers with as little hassle as possible.

Create a Buyer Persona

To attract the right land buyers, you need to have a clear image of your ideal buyer. Think about the land’s potential and zoning. Can it be used for farming, or is it just the right plot for a 10-story apartment? To further narrow the focus, look at your land from the buyer’s perspective and understand their goals and objectives, what they prefer, and what their weakest point is.

Market Your Property

Once you have a good idea of your target audience, you can start catering your marketing efforts to those insights. Create a website where you’ll provide all the essential information and highlight the key features of the property. Take advantage of VR technology and use it to create virtual tours of the lot. Moreover, create social media accounts to market your vacant land and communicate with potential buyers. Consider using targeted ads to extend your reach while focusing on your target audience.

Use Online Listings 

Most buyers start looking for vacant lots online. So, having optimized online listings across various MLS platforms is a must. Be sure to include high-quality images and virtual tours to provide a detailed look at the property. Curate an accurate description that highlights the key features of the land along with relevant information like total acreage, zoning, restrictions, utilities, and more. Whenever possible, use relevant keywords and high-quality links.

Sell Your Land to Real Estate Investors

If you don’t want to navigate marketing and negotiations, consider selling the land to “we buy land” companies. You can easily find these companies by simply Googling “land buyers near me.” They are constantly on the lookout for buying vacant land properties and making the process stress-free. You can quickly get a cash quote right on the spot and start the closing process. The company will cover the title, escrow, and closing costs, and you’ll be free from broker commissions, listing fees, or contract assignments.  

Start Networking

Networking is often an overlooked approach for finding land buyers. Attend relevant events and meetings where you can connect with people who look for what you offer. Prepare a pitch and talk to people with facts. However, don’t hard sell. Remember, networking is all about building relationships. Engage in conversations and show interest in others. If someone meets your target criteria, hand them your business card. 

Ask Your Neighbors

When selling your land, the logical step is to first talk with the people who own the properties next door. They might be interested in extending their ownership over to your land. Let them know you plan to sell the property and would like to propose an offer if they are interested. You can even throw in a discount or offer more flexible payment terms to make their decision easy. 

Put a “For Sale” Sign

Putting up a “For Sale” sign can help get the word out there and reach a wider audience. Word-of-mouth marketing can be very beneficial, especially if you live in a small town or village. People who pass by might be interested in or know someone looking for a plot of land and your sign will pique their interest. Don’t forget to check with the homeowner association if it’s allowed to put on a sign and whether there are restrictions regarding size and placement. 

Hire a Realtor 

A real estate agent that specializes in land selling can help you sell the property without hurdles. They can use their experience to find out what makes your piece of land special and use it as a focal point to sell it. Also, they know the market state and buyers’ demand, so they can recommend a fair price and offer your property to the right buyers. However, keep in mind that real estate agents typically charge a 5-6% commission.

Final Thoughts

Selling land can be a daunting process, but with the right strategies, you can attract qualified leads and close the deal fast. Focus on targeting your ideal buyers and leverage online tools and resources to get your property in front of a larger audience. If, however, you want a hassle-free selling process, consider reaching out to “we buy land” companies.


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