Effective Ways to Use Instagram for Real Estate Marketing

Effective Ways to Use Instagram for Real Estate Marketing

Instagram is a highly effective marketing tool for many niches. Especially it is helpful for the industries where visual impression plays a big part in the process of closing the deal. Real estate is such an industry – nobody will buy a house without looking at it, really.

And on IG, real estate agencies can form an impressive catalog of their offers and attract more potential buyers or renters. In terms of encouraging people to buy, Instagram has a rather big advantage over any other platform, and the percent of success increases gradually with every new 50 followers. How to turn all the might of Instagram to estate sales – you will find out in this article.

Work On Expansion Of Your Audience

People move. Sometimes they move far away from their previous place. And your goal is to make them want your house or apartment to become their desired destination. To make this happen, your estate has to be visible. And Instagram is the best place for that.

If you rule your SEO properly, your offers will be noticed by a far bigger audience, and there will definitely be someone who will close the deal with you. Geolocation settings and proper targeting of your ads are a must if you want to attract more potential buyers.

Examine The Trends

Real estate is quite a popular niche to promote on Instagram among followers. Hence, this industry inevitably has established influencers, whose pages can be a valuable source of useful insights for you. And no, you shouldnโ€™t copycat someoneโ€™s strategy!

But on pages of your more experienced colleagues, you can find useful notes for your own growth, and see the behavior of users, their reaction to different types of content. Also, you will be able to find out what kind of content isnโ€™t too mainstream yet and hold your course towards original ideas.

Exploring trends on social media is a method to keep up with the preferences and interests of the huge audience of followers, and if you are able to implement some of these in your materials, you totally should.

Use Video Formats To Impress

For the best exposure of your estate, you should embrace all possible video formats that are offered on Instagram. Room tours, agency presentations, buyer reviews, reports for mediaโ€ฆ all this can be accumulated on your Instagram profile, where it is easy to reach promote. Here are the types of content that are suitable for video:

  • Feed post. This form of content is limited by 1 minute. A great feature is that videos play automatically as the followers scroll to them, so you can create short, but powerful calls to action and promotional videos that hook users at once.
  • IGTV. Video hosting on Instagram. This is a place for posting your videos, that are longer than one minute. Room tours and reviews from your clients will find a place here. You can also save your past live sessions as IGTV.
  • Instagram Live. Probably the most engaging way to communicate with your potential buyers. The opportunities are endless if you have enough fantasy and creativity for video-making.
  • Stories. Yep, those are good for multi-purpose. You can upload lots of engaging content and improve your relations with your followers, attracting more buyers to your estate.

Exploit Popular Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are beyond useful. Not so long ago, the platform has introduced the possibility to follow hashtags. This feature opens new horizons for marketing. So, another point to add to your research list – the most followed hashtags that are related to the sphere of real estate. This way you can reach more potential buyers and also discover their interests.

  • Look through the analytics – what are the most common terms that your target audience uses.
  • Discover the popularity of the tag manually – type it in the search field and examine the results.
  • Check the hashtags of your competitors.
  • Come up with specially branded hashtags that will distinct your content from others and increase your visibility on the platform to attract more followers.

Merry-Go-Round We Go

Or simply – take advantage of carousels! This type of post will allow you to expose all the important aspects of the property you want to show to your followers. Such an approach requires good photography skills, but it can give your potential clients the feeling of a personal tour.

Based on the photos or video of the property, they can make a decision to contact you and see the house with their own eyes faster. Besides, posting all the important details, you spare your time and resources for answering typical questions. Time is money, so this allows you to concentrate on other tasks better.

Appeal To The Dream

Hire a team of skilled videographers or learn to create engaging and aesthetic content yourself. Your goal is to create a vision of a perfect place, cozy and warm, or stylish and modern – the one that will resonate with the soul of the potential buyer. A choice for a place to live is complex, and there are many factors that impact it.

On Instagram, you can provide a vision of a certain lifestyle, suggested by the type of property you have on your list. When you create the content for your Instagram profile, make sure it looks lively and the property is corresponding to the standards and needs of the target group of your followers. For example, if you specialize in cozy family houses, you must accent the infrastructure and space for children. Or if your property is a hi-tec apartment in the center of the city – appeal to business workers, who will appreciate close location and comfort facilities.


Being a well-developed visual platform, Instagram is a great assistant in your promotion. IG is a very complimentary platform for real estate, as here you can find more followers and potential buyers to expose your room tours, property photos, and other useful insights. The main strategy point is that you must examine the market thoroughly before launching your campaign, and target your ads to the right group.


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