7 Wedding Moments You Should Never Miss During Videography Sessions

7 Wedding Moments You Should Never Miss During Videography Sessions

By now, we are sure you have created thousands of wedding poses that you don’t want the photographer to miss in your album, but have you thought about which are the best shots to be recorded by the appointed Sikh wedding videography services in London? Well, we knew that slipped off your mind, so don’t worry, let us give you a tour of events and wedding moments your videographer should never miss.

1. The look of the venue

A wedding shoot should always begin with a grand and luxurious venue. The introduction of the video where credits roll is the best part to show how the venue looked like. Like a movie, the introduction should build some interest in the audience, and the best way to do it is to start from the beginning.

2. Getting ready with the bridesmaids

Getting ready along with your bridesmaid must be the best fun thing ever. You talk, chat and discuss the groom. Recording those moments and adding them to behind the scenes seems like a fantastic idea, right? You can also add the “getting ready for the big day” session in the introduction part of the video. It is an excellent way to establish interest amongst the audience. You can also add the groom’s part, making your video more exciting and fun.

3. Exchanging of gifts ceremony

Indian wedding ceremonies, especially a Sikh wedding, consist of a session where the bride’s family and the groom exchange gifts to congratulate others. Many people feel this ceremony is an important one and find it an essential part of the video. It also acts as a great way to remember who was there on the day of the wedding. So, when you look at the video 20 years from now, you can exactly relive the day!

4. First look of the bride and the groom

Once the couple gets ready, it’s time for their individual photo session to head to the main hall and meet everyone in the family. This is a perfect time to capture the entire look for the bride as well as the groom. Just take a head-to-toe shot, and you are ready to add that fantastic intro to your filmy wedding video. Some people like to do it together while others wish for an individual introduction. You can discuss with your partner and select the best one you want.

5. Picture posing session at the booth

While the entire family is busy taking selfies at the booth, Sikh wedding videography in London captures every moment of fun happening on the grounds of the DJ floor or the photo booth. With everyone having a fun evening, it is essential to catch them all and keep them stored in a virtual form to get those #Nostalgic tags in your Instagram a few years from now. By looking at those happy faces, you remember the good days where everyone gathered after long to have great fun. Videographers usually try to focus on food and what was there on the menu but, this is the least important thing required in the video. One can always leave that part and let the guests have fun with their food on the plate.

6. Taking vows in front of God

Recording that holy moment when you are in front of the sacred Granth and taking four Pheras along with the person you love, that is the auspicious moment you have been waiting for years and it is finally here! It will be a big mistake if you don’t consider recording this and storing it for life. We are sure the day you both sit together to see it again you will relive it every time!

7. Those ultimate wedding picture sessions on the lawn

After everything is done and you have had a tiring day, it is time for you to take some gorgeous pictures and frame them on the largest wall of your house. These pictures always depict a beautiful breathtaking background that the photographer chooses. It is usually near to the location of the wedding. Another perfect time to add some snippets from the wedding into your teaser or the full movie. 

While most of the videographers are busy taking family members and focusing on the mouth-watering food, you have to make sure that the Sikh wedding videography services in London help you get the best shots on camera and compose it into a fun-filled video.

If you are worried about how to incorporate that humongous pile of videos then, you have various options. These days weddings are based on a single theme, and everything goes according to that, but if you are having a traditional wedding, then it’s best to take suggestions from your videographer. The story theme is one of the most common ones and the best to select when you can’t think of anything else. So, what are you waiting for? Call your videographer and start discussing what’s the best for you to choose from.


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