7 Luxuries That Guests Will Love At Your Vacation Rental

7 Luxuries That Guests Will Love At Your Vacation Rental

Looking for ways to enhance your vacation property’s appeal and cut the competition short?

A few luxury features can make your vacation home the bestselling holiday rental.

Here are some amenities that will amaze your guests and make their holiday truly memorable.

1. 24-hrs Concierge 

Guests choose vacation homes over hotel stays for several reasons. But still, they prefer the convenience of a hotel’s concierge desk.

When you offer concierge services round the clock to your guests, you offer them the luxury of 24-hrs assistance, and of course, no reason to leave complaints when they leave.

A manned-concierge desk would be the highest standard, especially when you’re marketing your vacation villa as a 7-star luxury stay. But on a more affordable level, a virtual concierge service would also accomplish your goals.

2. A Heated Pool, Sauna or Jacuzzi 

How do you distinguish your holiday property from the thousands of luxury villas and condos boasting a private swimming pool?

Simple, offer the guests a heated swimming pool! 

If your property is located at an exotic destination, a heated infinity pool will be an irresistible attraction. 

For a property located in a cold climatic region, an indoor heated pool, a Sauna room or a Jacuzzi would be ideal.

3. Entertainment Station

Giving some fun entertainment options to your guests would push your vacation home’s rating up by a few points. 

If you’re aiming at luxurious amenities, you’ve got to think beyond Netflix. Your guests probably have their subscriptions on personal devices already.

Bring a snooker table or a foosball table. You can also put an arcade game station or a virtual reality play station. A poker set and some board games are also fine choices.

Perhaps, you could leave a printed canvas or a sketchbook, paints and brushes to let the guests dabble in some art? Or leave some recipe cards on the kitchen counter for the guests to try out?

Think of similar ideas to bundle-up unforgettable experiences with the stay.

4. Pet-friendly Amenities

Many celebrities prefer vacation homes where they can bring their pets. 

Providing pet-friendly amenities on your property will be a definite distinguishing feature. Think of a pet’s corner with a pet bed, a pet blanket, etc.

You can go the extra mile and provide pet grooming or a pet spa.

5. Full Housekeeping Services

One service that luxury vacationers value most is housekeeping. 

Having a professional team look after the upkeep of the property will give your guests plenty of time to relax. 

Equip the vacation home with essential appliances: a washer, a  dryer, a dishwasher washer, and a vacuum cleaner.

Remember, get insurance for your property so that you don’t have to pay for any damages out of pocket. The best insurance for vacation homes will cover your seasonally occupied property against burglaries as well as damage caused by fire, flooding, etc. So make your choice wisely.

6. Pre-stocked Kitchen 

Pre-stocking is a rage these days. Guests love the option of reserving the groceries and other items of daily consumption in advance. After all, who wants to make a run to the supermarket as soon as they arrive?

You can create some preset packages to help your guests quickly place their orders with you. Of course, allow guests the flexibility to modify or create their shopping lists.

7. Ready Meal on Arrival 

What could be more welcoming for your guests than a welcome drink and a delicious meal on the table upon arrival?

Make a note of their food preferences and aim for perfection. If you pay attention to the details, you’ll earn some brownie points and excellent reviews.


No doubt, you will have to charge extra to provide these services. Many guests love to pay for such extended hospitality, but others might resist.

Unless you’re catering to the niche segment of ultra-luxurious holiday properties, allow guests to choose the services they’d like to avail of and pay for only those.

Be generous enough to give some services free of charge, like welcome drinks, meals on arrival, and concierge services. Your guests will appreciate and value the gesture.


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