Thinking About Living In A Mobile Home? 10 Things You Must Consider

Thinking About Living In A Mobile Home? 10 Things You Must Consider

Buying a traditional home in the current housing market is very expensive. That’s why mobile home has caught the eye of young professionals and retirees because they both have long-term goals to accomplish. 

For instance, young homeowners will likely invest money in their careers over housing. And retirees are on their way to downsizing their living costs to match their retirement fund with their ongoing costs. 

The popularity of mobile homes is rising because manufacturers build mobile homes keeping affordability in mind. Moreover, mobile homes are easily customizable by homeowners, making them a great choice for individuals or families of all sizes.

Keep reading this article to know what things you need to consider before you make your final decision –   

1. Decide Your Location

Whether you buy a lot, rent a lot, or become a mobile home community or park member, each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

When it comes to choosing a location for your mobile home unit, you will get only these two options. 

On Your Land 

  • When you own land, you must bear the startup costs of electrical connections, septic systems, etc. Also, make sure your location allows mobile homes. 
  • If your land has never placed a mobile home, precisely determine the location to place it. Remember, the location you choose must be flat. If there is any boulder on your land, you have to grade the location first.
  • Before buying your lot, you can also focus on the sun’s exposure and view from the location and other structure orientations.

On Other’s Land

  • When you rent a lot to place your mobile home, its monthly rent becomes your permanent cost. And it will also cover your utility expenses though the rent varies from place to place.
  • If you join a mobile home community or park, you will get numerous amenities but lose your freedom as you must strictly adhere to their rules.
  • The amenities include social events, playgrounds, swimming pools, shopping centers, recreational facilities, etc.
  • Risks include increasing monthly rent, the landowner deciding to sell the property suddenly, and you may be bound to relocate or sell your house.

You just need to find out what facilities you want based on your financial situation and comfort.

If their owners also own the land that the mobile homes stand on, the chances of this appreciation go up. This gives you options down the road. You can live there without paying lot rent, or leave the house as an inheritance

2. Budget

Budget is always an important factor when it comes to making any purchasing decision. Before deciding to purchase a mobile phone, you need to calculate all the short-term and long-term costs of the purchase.

It will help you decide whether you can make those payments on time. Other additional costs such as property taxes, home insurance, and maintenance also come into consideration.

If you need help determining the budget, seek help from a financial advisor to make the right decision. After the calculation, if you have enough finances to bear all the expenses, go for a final purchase. 

After that, move on to the next step, which is the size of your home.

3. Size of Your Home

Considering the size of your home is also an important factor, especially when you are looking for a spacious living space.

Mobile homes are typically small compared to traditional homes. However, manufacturers offer spacious floor plans and ample space for you. 

Think about how much space you need for your family. If your family has four members, then a single living room, storage space, a well-equipped kitchen, and open floor space can function well.

A larger mobile home gives you all the features and luxury you want, though it costs you more. But it’s not the case.

Because it’s possible to find a large mobile home that meets all your needs and fits your budget.

You can also choose from several flooring options, including carpet, laminate, tile, and linoleum. There is also a possibility to design unique floor coverings on your own.

4. Quality and Building Standards

The Housing and Urban Department established a set of standards for mobile homes called the HUD Code. The code features the following issues –

  • Building material quality
  • Strength and durability
  • Construction standards
  • Transportability
  • Design, including relocation accommodations
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire resistance
  • HVAC, plumbing, and electrical codes

Manufactured homes are built within environmentally controlled factories that eliminate the potential problems related to climate change, such as snow, rain, wind, or mildew. Skilled workers work all year round to construct these manufactured or mobile homes.

Mobile homes have become more popular than site-built homes in terms of quality and durability.

5. Local Regulations

When it comes to purchasing a mobile home, it’s important to consider local regulations. Different areas come with different rules and regulations. So, after selecting your location, you need to research what rules and regulations are enforced here.

Before identifying local regulations, you can check what ordinances the government enforces regarding mobile homes.

Then you can look into building codes, zoning laws, and other restrictions.

Knowing all the regulations beforehand helps you make wise decisions and avoid any surprise costs in the future.

In addition to local regulations, you can examine other factors affecting your purchase decision. This may include taxes, transfer fees, or any additional sale-related costs.

6. Mobile Home Park Rules

After considering the local regulations, it’s important to consider the rules and regulations of mobile home parks. 

When you decide to place your mobile home in a mobile home park or community, they promise to keep you safe and secure, just like a garden wall protects the garden from pests, animals, or outside intruders. 

The rules of mobile home parks may include the pet policies for your pet; they can also decide what type of furniture or plants you can place within your home, etc.

So, before signing any paperwork, be familiar with the rules and regulations in advance so you understand what you can do and don’t.

7. Check the Home Condition

Another important factor in living in a mobile home is to consider the condition of the mobile home. Before you buy the home, it’s essential to inspect the house from top to bottom. You also need to consider the outside environment of the property. 

You can also check the following factors –

  • It’s a good idea to assess the age of the home as older homes come with various issues like structural damages, outdated appliances, etc.
  • Find out when the electrical and plumbing system was updated. Also, check out the last time when the roof was replaced.
  • Ask for the list of repairs done to maintain the house so far. It will give you a clear idea about how well the house has been maintained.
  • Look for the signs of damage, wear, and tear, such as missing shingles, peeling paint, etc.
  • Inspect the home’s interior condition to check whether everything is done according to the code.
  • Look for mold or water damage signs, such as water stains on the floors or walls.
  • Ascertain that all the utilities are in good working condition and they are updated.

8. Utilities

Utility is also important to consider before signing any mobile home contract. 

You will need water, power, and other utility services to live a comfortable and stress-free life.

You also need to confirm whether the location of your mobile home has the adequate infrastructure to support the necessary services.

Before making your final purchase decision, it is best to investigate the utility setup of this place. 

Through investigation, you can learn about the reliability of services, hookup fees, and other costs associated with gaining these services.

Also, inquire about whether the park or community has imposed any special requirements or restrictions regarding the usage of utility.

For example, some parks may prohibit installing energy-saving services like solar panels.  

If you are okay with these requirements and restrictions, move on to the next step.

9. Maintenance Costs

Having a clear understanding of the condition of mobile homes and what utilities you require, it will be easy for you to calculate the overall maintenance costs of the home.

Maintenance costs can sometimes be your financial burden if you need the proper skills to plan the costs efficiently. 

So, as a potential homeowner, be familiar with all the maintenance needs. Also, set up your mind that the potential costs can sometimes exceed your budget when you hire a professional to help you be proactive with any repairs.

10. Mobile Home Financing

Once you determine all your purchase costs, it’s time to choose a financing option. You need to decide whether or not you want to pay in cash or prefer to take a financial loan. 

The more economical choice is obviously paying cash, but it’s not always the most practical option.

When you do not have adequate money, you cannot choose this option.

So, you have to rely on taking a home loan. Conventional home financing and mobile home financing are structured similarly, except for higher interest rates. 

If you become qualified for a traditional home loan, it’s better. But if you are disqualified for getting the traditional loan, it’s also okay.

You can apply for a mobile home loan which is especially designed for financing the potential mobile homeowner.  

Although it often offers more flexible terms, ensure you understand all the terms, conditions, and interest rates. It will help you take the best option.

Final Words

Making the decision to purchase a mobile home is an important one. Now that you have understood, buying a mobile home can be the most cost-effective option to own a home. Plus, it assures you to give an affordable place to live in.

So, before making your final decision, consider these 10 factors. It helps you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of buying a mobile home.

When you become armed with the necessary knowledge, it will be easy to make the right decision.


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