5 Reasons Why People are Moving to Florida – Austin Bergman of The Carroll Group

5 Reasons Why People are Moving to Florida - Austin Bergman of The Carroll Group

In a year plagued by uncertainty, one thing remained certain: Florida is a great place to be. According to Austin Bergman, leading luxury real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, more people are moving to Florida than ever before, and with good reason. 

  1. Florida has some of the most compelling tax laws of any state. With no state income tax and no personal property tax, those craving a tax break can certainly benefit. Furthermore, they have significant tax exemptions for veterans, widows, seniors, and the disabled. For this reason, Florida has been named a retiree’s paradise for years. However, seniors can also benefit from their lack of estate taxes. According to Bergman, estate owners with less than $5.7M in assets (or $11M for a couple) are exempt from estate taxes after their deaths. This can mean an opportunity to save their family up to 15% in estate taxes.
  1. The state provides exceptional Homestead Protection Laws. In Florida, unlike most states, if an individual is sued in Florida, their property and estate are protected.
  1. The weather in Florida cannot be beaten. With sunshine all year round, and a warm, temperate climate, there is little to complain about.
  1. There is no limit to activities in the sunshine state. From the gorgeous beaches, some of the best theme parks in the nation, and a plethora of sports teams, there is no lack of fun and entertainment.
  1. There are architectural and design styles to suit every taste. There is no shortage of traditional, old-style Floridian homes. Additionally, South Florida is home to some of the most beautiful white and glass homes in the nation. Whether an individual is looking for a piece of history or a stunning modern home, there is something for everyone.
5 Reasons Why People are Moving to Florida - Austin Bergman of The Carroll Group

With nearly two decades in the industry, Austin Bergman is a South Florida client’s top choice for buying and listing luxury real estate. He began his real estate career at just 19. For a number of years, he ran a thriving business in Richmond, Virginia, selling approximately 500 homes a year and doing $150M in production. When family circumstances prompted a change, he relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and partnered with Carroll Group, whose world-renowned team is featured on Bravo’s hit TV show, Million Dollar Listing. 

Bergman provides an unmatched level of service, commitment, and expertise to his clients. In an ultra-competitive market, he stands out. Bergman is an exceptional marketer that understands the value of innovative marketing techniques to reach a local and global customer base. 

According to Bergan, “When a client hires a real estate agent, they are really hiring a marketer. Those skills are so important.” In addition, Bergman is an expert communicator who maintains long-term relationships with every client he works with. 

With over $2B in career sales, Bergman remains singularly dedicated to surpassing the expectations of his high-net-worth clientele. Bergman credits his success to his commitment to living and selling authentically. 

“People can spot the difference. Real estate is the only thing I’ve ever done, and when you love what you do, you tend to do it well.” 

To learn more about Austin Bergman and the incredible opportunities and properties that South Florida provides, visit, https://austinbergman.com

Austin Bergman


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