Concrete Cut Luxury Residence – Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Concrete Cut Luxury Residence - Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Name: Concrete Cut by Pitsou Kedem
  • Type: Minimalistic Modern
  • Bedrooms: 4 est
  • Bathrooms: 5 est
  • Levels: 4
  • Size: 5,813 sq. ft.
  • Lot: 5,382 sq. ft.
  • Completed: 2014

Unique and bold, the concrete cut residence brings together a combination of transparent and opaque structures to create a private luxury residence with a minimalistic design that evokes a modernist aesthetic. Built from a continuous line of concrete, the stunning 5,813 sq. ft. residence was created to encompass dynamic living spaces with depth and visual appeal with an open floor plan and massive floor-to-ceiling frameless windows.

Formed by three rectangular prisms stacked on top of one another, this architectural triumph was designed with a convergence of four planes of interior spaces dispersed to create a sense of maximum privacy without overexposure. The divergence of public and private spaces within the structure simultaneously divides and connects living areas resulting in a peaceful composition that is both stable and subdued across the residence.

An alluring combination of exposure and illumination permeates throughout the residence. The front faรงade is an abstract creation conceptually assuring the blending of identity and function, while the rear facade graphically express three- dimensionality, all while probing the depth and feeling of brightness and freedom. A glance at the side facades explains the process beginning at the opaque facade facing the road and leading to the facades facing the yard and pool. A gradient of interยญchanging levels of transparency between characteristically different facades make this residence a de facto visual masterpiece of luxury architectural acumen.

  • Architect: Pitsou Kedem Architects
  • Designer: Noa Groman
  • Photography: Amit Geron
  • Location: Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel


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