Top Trends in Coastal Home Exterior Design

Top Trends in Coastal Home Exterior Design

Are you looking to remodel your beach home’s exterior?

As you might guess, beach living has its share of perks. For example, some hot research projects even found a positive correlation between living near a water source and longevity. Of course, we need to be honest that you’ll have some work cut out for you to make your beach house the envy of the neighborhood.

That’s why today, we’re taking a look at one of the top trends in coastal home exterior design: beach-inspired accessories.

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Coastal Colors

From soft blues and greens to warm yellows and oranges, coastal color palettes are calming and soothing. Mimicking the colors of the sea and sky, these shades evoke the peacefulness and serenity of beach life. White is also a popular color for coastal living design, as it creates a bright and airy feel.

Mixed Materials

Mixing various materials can add texture, depth, and visual interest to a home’s exterior. Natural wood, stone, and brick are popular choices among designers. They lend a sense of warmth and rustic charm to the coastal aesthetic.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Coastal-inspired homes are about enjoying the outdoors. Homeowners are incorporating more outdoor living spaces into their homes. This includes things such as decks, patios, and screened-in porches.

These spaces are perfect for gatherings, relaxing, dining, and watching the sunset. Adding comfy outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, and greenery can create a refined and inviting outdoor living space.

Beach-Influenced Accessories

These accessories add a touch of seaside charm and create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. They can range from simple elements such as seashells and driftwood to more elaborate pieces like nautical-themed lighting and signs.

Incorporating Insurance Into Your Coastal Home Exterior Plans

Living near the coast poses unique risks like strong winds, hurricanes, and flooding. These risks can significantly damage the exterior of your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. By incorporating insurance into your coastal home exterior plans, you can protect yourself from these potential damages.

So, is AE flood zone bad? Well, if you’re looking for a property that is located in a low-risk flood zone, then the AE flood zone is not ideal. However, if you’re willing to take the risk and purchase a property in an AE flood zone, then there are some advantages. Properties in an AE flood zone tend to be more affordable since they are considered riskier investments.

Coastal Lighting

Proper lighting can make or break a home’s exterior design. Coastal-inspired homes use lighting that is both functional and stylish. Exterior lighting fixtures that have a nautical feel, such as lanterns and sconces, can offer a sophisticated and elegant touch to your home’s exterior.

Use warm lighting to highlight specific features of your home. This includes things such as the façade and landscaping.

Explore Trends in Coastal Home Exterior Design to Inspire Your Beachside Property

A beautiful coastal home exterior creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It reflects the homeowner’s love of the beach lifestyle. The top trends in coastal exterior design, such as coastal colors, mixed materials, outdoor living spaces, beach-influenced accessories, and coastal lighting, can help you create a design that is both functional and appealing.

If you plan your home’s exterior design, consider incorporating some of these trends. With a little creativity, you can create a coastal home that stands out and captures the blissful essence of beach life.


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