5 Reasons To Get Your Jaguar Serviced Regularly

5 Reasons To Get Your Jaguar Serviced Regularly

If you own a Jaguar, you probably already know it’s a precision machine with some impressive horsepower and style. You likely get some envious looks, whether you’re pulling up in front of a fancy restaurant for date night or dropping the kids off at school in the morning. You usually have to drop some serious money to get a car like this, but it’s well worth it because of the smooth ride that this iconic vehicle provides.

If you own a Jaguar, though, you should remember to get a mechanic who can service it regularly. If you don’t do this, your vehicle might not last as long, and you probably want to enjoy it for many years.

Let’s talk about some of the main reasons you’ll want a trusted mechanic to service your Jaguar often.

You Don’t Want It to Break Down While Driving It Around Town

If you need your Jaguar serviced, don’t wait. Make sure to do it at the time the mechanic recommends. You don’t want it to break down while you’re driving it around town.

If your Jaguar breaks down when you’re driving it to work, to the grocery store, to the gym, or anywhere else close to where you live, you might kick yourself because you didn’t take care of the essential maintenance it needed. A car can break down even if you get a mechanic to look it over regularly, but many times, you can avoid breakdowns when you get someone you trust to tune it up every few months.

Your Jaguar breaking down in a densely-populated area means you can usually call for a tow truck with no issues, but you still want to avoid that if you can. You might feel embarrassed when a group of spectators gathers to watch as the tow truck hauls away your luxury car.

Breakdowns Usually Cost More than Routine Maintenance

If you get a mechanic to do routine maintenance for your Jaguar, that will cost you some money. As a car owner, though, you need to spend that cash. If you neglect the vehicle, it can break down, and then you might have to pay a lot more to get it running again.

Routine maintenance a mechanic performs can detect potential issues before they become full-fledged problems. It will cost you a small fee to get the mechanic to perform that maintenance, but you’d doubtless rather pay that cost than two or three times that much if something goes awry when you’re out on the road.

You Might Break Down While Taking a Long Trip

Speaking of breakdowns, we talked about how your Jaguar can deal with mechanical issues when you’re driving it around town. It’s even worse if that happens when you’re on a long, cross-country trip, though.

Some car owners love to go on long road trips because they get to see the country that way. They might travel for work, or they may go to visit relatives who they have not seen in quite some time. The summer months work well if you are planning a trip, and you can also look forward to showing your iconic car to your distant family members who haven’t seen it yet.

If your car has problems when you’re out on the highway, though, that’s generally a bigger issue than a city breakdown. You might not find a reliable mechanic or auto body shop for many miles.

You can often avoid these issues by getting a tune-up before you leave for one of these long trips. A mechanic can probably spot a problem and warn you about it. This way, you’ll feel much better about taking that long trip, knowing you’re likely fine unless something completely unforeseen occurs.

You Want to Follow the Warranty Directions

You should also take your car for routine maintenance because if you don’t do that, it likely violates your warranty agreement. Some Jaguars come with a one-year warranty guarantee, while others come with longer ones if you negotiated a better deal when you bought yours. You’ll want to utilize that warranty if you encounter issues anytime soon after you purchase it.

Most warranty agreements only apply if you follow particular directions that come with them. Usually, these agreements explicitly state that you must get a mechanic to look at the car when you hit certain mileage numbers.

If you do this, and something goes wrong anyway, you can probably use that warranty if it’s not past the expiration date. You’ll be glad to do so. Using that warranty when it still applies can sometimes save you thousands of dollars or more.

You Want to Maintain the Vehicle’s Resale Value

You also probably want to try and maintain the Jaguar’s resale value as much as possible. You may want to keep your Jaguar for many years, but a time might come when you want to sell it. That may not happen for decades, but you should still try to keep the car in pristine condition if you can.

You can do that by getting a mechanic to look at it regularly. They’ll look at the car when you need to get a new inspection sticker for it, but you should probably take it to the shop more than once per year, especially if you drive a lot and put a ton of miles on it.

If you get regular maintenance for the car, it should retain its value better. When you do decide to sell it, you can often get a much better price for it. You can also keep maintenance records that you should give to the new owner if you find a buyer who’ll pay you the price you want.

It’s always wise to get a mechanic to look at your car regularly, but if you have a high-end vehicle like a Jaguar, it’s even more critical. You want to keep your car in good working order for all the reasons we mentioned.


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