Things To Know Before You Lease Your Land for Solar Farms

Things To Know Before You Lease Your Land for Solar Farms

You should gain experience with the solar industry to make an informed decision when leasing your land for a solar farm. You might get a good amount for your land, but before you understand the solar project, you must know whether it would benefit you. Be it a land broker or solar developer, you must ask all the basic questions related to the process to have a clear idea before signing the agreement. Ensure that both parties are on the same page, so here are five questions you must ask.

1. What is the project’s duration, and how will your land be treated? 

Specific steps must be taken to make land operational for a solar project. It takes time as the land needs to be assessed, and the location has to be proper so there is no negative impact on the nearby properties. Permissions from the government are required so that there is no violation of environmental regulations. Also, building and connecting the grid would take three months to 25 years, respectively. 

2. Does solar farming development have any negative impact on farming?

No, solar form development does not interfere with farming operations. The entire process is done offsite, and the surveyor and officials require minimal ground time. They usually come for annual maintenance visits. However, on the solar farm’s construction day, there can be more giant footprints on the location. Other than this, day-to-day living continues. 

3. What is the rate for acres while leasing land to solar projects?

While leasing land for solar projects, the amount is calculated per acre. Some farmers find it a more attractive option to sell the land outright to a solar product development company. The amount is decided based on the land’s proximity to the substation and capacity. A solar land agent can estimate between $600 and $1500.

4. Can you show the reports from other solar farm projects?

Before you sign a lease, you must know that the solar developer has experience in solar farm projects. If they have just begun, then it can be a red flag for you. You can also ask the developer to provide you with the location of any operational projects, proving that you won’t face any issues later. You can visit their websites to determine whether the solar developer is reputed and trusted.

5. What are the signs of a reputable solar developer?

Before you lease the land, a reputed solar developer will inform you about the entire project and how they are going to carry out the process of developing the solar farm. They won’t exert undue pressure on the contract and will also give you time to review the lease with the lawyer.

Summing it up

At present, solar projects are in demand, and solar developers are looking for land where they can mount the solar farm. So, get in touch with a broker or land agent. You can also browse to find out more. This would also help you understand whether your land qualifies for solar leasing and the future outcome.


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