4 Do’s And 3 Don’ts When Looking For A Rental

4 Do's And 3 Don'ts When Looking For A Rental

Finding a suitable rental space can be challenging, bearing in mind the many factors to consider before you find one that suits your needs and preferences. There’s usually the issue of price and the kind of neighborhood you’re eyeing. Besides, housing prices have been through the roof, which can be attributed to the demand for rentals. However, this shouldn’t stop you from looking for a good place in a nice neighborhood you can stay. With that in mind, here’s a list of dos and don’ts when looking for a rental:


If you’re looking for a rental, you must know everything you should look out for during your research and avoid potential mistakes. So, ensure you do the following:

1. Go Through The Lease Agreement

Before you sign anything, read through the fine lease print thoroughly. Even if it looks long and tedious, you may find some hidden fees and rules that may not work well for you. Ensure all their terms and conditions are favorable and look into what the landlord expects from you when staying in their building. In addition, check the length of the lease and whether or not you can opt out of the lease at whatever time you wish to.

Additionally, if you need help applying for a rental property, you can check out some tips from Movinghub. You must equip yourself with all the steps you must follow when looking for a rental, like getting your documents ready, examining the building, filling in the application form, and paying the deposit fees.

2. Stay Within Your Budget

Try to work with the budget you’ve set aside as much as possible because this will help you avoid making emotional decisions.

You may want to live in high-end areas like some friends do, but the prices may not favor your pocket, and you may stretch yourself too thin. Therefore, ensure you check the price ranges when looking for a place to rent, which should be the same as your allocated cash. In this sense, you won’t have to worry about accumulating rent arrears.

Nevertheless, always remember to strike a balance between affordability and quality. Don’t focus so much on the rental prices that you forget to evaluate the living standards.

3. Work With A Rental Broker

In most cases, getting a suitable space can be daunting. Thus, rental brokers are the best candidate to help you find the house you want. An advantage of working with them is that you won’t have to pay them any amount because their fee comes from property management companies or the landlord. You can explain what you’re looking for, and they’ll find what meets your needs, whether it’s a place that allows for pets or lets you move in with appliances like dishwashers.

4. Do A Quick Assessment Of The Neighborhood

When you’re seeking to rent, you’d want to live in the safest neighborhood. So, walk around to get a closer look at the areas. You can even speak to the people living in the area to get their take on what they think about where they’re living. If there are many complaints, it’s wise to avoid such sites. Such an unsecured place may not be safe if you have kids or you leave work late. Moreover, check the proximity of the nearest schools, shopping centers, and hospitals.


Now that you know the list of the things you must do, you should also be aware of the things to avoid when looking for a rental:

1. Don’t Forget To Ask Questions

Whether you’re working with a broker or speaking to the landlord directly, ask as many questions as possible. You’re probably putting a lot of money into your rent, so it’s only best if you get a deal that matches what you’re paying. Ask how regularly the maintenance takes place, how many people live in the building, and if there are any security measures like CCTV installation. Finding the correct answers to such questions ensures you move into a rental house that matches your requirements.

2. Don’t Rent Without Seeing The Building

Online services have made it easy for anyone to conduct their search for rentals. As much as it’s convenient, it still helps to visit the building and examine it physically because pictures can sometimes be deceiving. When you get to the building, you may realize the bedroom is too small for your bed to fit in, unlike what’s depicted in the listing photos. So, no matter how busy you may be, take a few hours off your schedule to check out the prospective rentals.

3. Don’t Accept A Bad Roommate

Having roommates is excellent if you don’t have enough money but love the house you’re eyeing. However, don’t rush into picking just any roommate with the same objective of saving cash. You’ll be living with that someone for a long time, so it’s only logical to ascertain your compatibility.

Hence, inquire about their typical schedule, social life, ideology, their take on bringing friends over, and how capable they are of keeping up with the rent. Be keen and listen to them carefully; if you pinpoint any red flags, it’s best to look for another person you can stay with.


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Knowing the do’s and don’ts when looking for a rental helps you make the best decisions. Don’t get into it blindly, potentially ruining your experience the entire period you’ll stay there. Don’t rush over it, too. Take ample time to assess each possible rental, so you’ll land the best housing deal and enjoy your stay thereafter.


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