10 Tips For Lighting Your House In The Evenings And At Night

10 Tips For Lighting Your House In The Evenings And At Night

Especially when the dark approaches, your home’s lighting can have a huge impact on your mood and that of your guests or other dwellers. Moreover, it can also influence your interior décor, not to mention that a sizable chunk of your monthly energy bills probably goes to lighting.

And after a long, tiresome day, everyone wants to come home to a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, ready to hit the shower and get some well-deserved slumber. But all this can be put in jeopardy unless you have the appropriate lighting strategy for your evenings and nights – for different spaces in your home.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at a few tips you can use to set the right mood in your home in the evenings and nights without incurring unnecessary costs or sacrificing functionality, comfort, and security.

1. Keep Unused Lights Off At Night 

Of course, you will need proper illumination at home after a long, busy day. This is especially true in the living room or when conducting evening time chores in the kitchen. But all the lights in your home do not necessarily have to be on all the time, just because it’s dark outside.

Scores of studies have shown that switching off unused lights for just a few hours daily in the home can account for up to 2% energy savings overall on lighting for the regular homeowner. And unless you show symptoms of nyctophobia, your reasons for leaving the bedroom lights on during sleep are limited.

2. Buy Night Time Light Bulbs (especially for the Bedroom)

Did you know exposure to lighting in the evening or nighttime can have a heavy impact on your sleep health? In case you didn’t, know you know. Nightlight can affect your body’s production of melatonin, a hormone known to control the human body’s sleep cycle or internal clock.

If the kind of light you’re exposed to in your home throws your melatonin levels off-balance, sleep problems could emanate. Nonetheless, this is usually the case when exposed to lights that are too bright or strong a few hours before hitting the covers.

Dimmer, warmer lights like reds at night can actually help you sleep faster and better. And when it comes to bulb types, LEDs designed for just this are pretty much available.

BIOS recently introduced an indoor night time light bulb designed exactly for this –promising to help promote sleep patterns. It works by mimicking the “blue-sky” kind spectrum needed to tell your internal clock that it’s time for some good slumber.

Going by this, you have more than a few reasons to consider investing in night-time lighting for your home.

3. Invest In Task Lighting

There are many reasons to light up your home in the evening. Aside from having enough illumination during dark hours, task lighting also helps save energy, provides convenience, and ensures a more organized or cleaner space.

Task lighting also comes in handy when you need to get some household chores done or if you bring home some work from the office to complete at your home office, which can be located in the living room or the bedroom, and you don’t want to cause disturbance to your partner or other dwellers.

The idea is to install lighting for use just where and when you need it the most. A few examples that fall in this category include under-cabinet lights, reading lamps, and desk lights.

4. Dust Your Bulbs Off 

Have you checked if your bulbs are dusty? If not, you have a pretty convincing reason to check them out and remove that annoying layer using a dust rug with the bulbs off. It can incredibly reduce the amount of light produced by the bulb at night, making it inefficient.

5. Position Lamps in Corners 

Placing lamps in corners lets you illuminate your space by taking advantage of the most conspicuous reflective surfaces – the walls! As the light from your lamps bounces off from the two wall surfaces, it becomes evenly dispersed, so you might need fewer lights in your living room.

6. Utilize Automatic Timers & Dimmers

Automatic lighting timers and dimmers come with multiple benefits. On the one hand, they can reduce energy bills, making the home a little more eco-friendly. They can also help you save time and energy because you do not have to keep switching lights on and off every time you walk into or out of the room. Most importantly, dimmers are a good way to set a relaxing mood in the bedroom at night just before you get ready for some relaxing snooze.

7. Upgrade to LED and CFLs

If you’re not sure which bulbs are energy-efficient and which are the best ones for your home, know there are several key factors to consider – like watts, costs, and longevity. As you may already know, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights and Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFLs) are among the best options when it comes to energy savings and Eco-friendliness.

In fact, in case you want to stick to affordable and eco-friendly bulbs, you may want to consider those made of mercury-free (and safe) materials like Poly-fil and/or super-insulated bulbs.

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Let Some Moonlight Inside 

Did you know that sunlight in the nighttime may have a positive effect on your sleep cycles, making it possible to snooze just a little bit longer? And what about when there is some extra moonlight?

Apparently, moon gazing, probably done through the windows, can be an amazing way to promote your sleep health too. It makes you one with nature, promoting inner calm and peace, which is perhaps why most people find it soothing and stress-relieving.

Many people have used moonlight as a way to calm and meditate, so don’t feel afraid to let someone into your house through the windows the next time you spot a bright moon at night.

9. Light Some Candles Often 

Candles are definitely a perfect way to make your living room moody and bright. In fact, it is not impossible to fall in love with candles and make them a focal point of your home.

They are a symbol of peace and tranquility, and they can be a powerful tool in making your home truly cozy. What’s more? They come with a myriad of creative perks, including promoting relaxation. If you’re a fan of yoga or meditation, incorporating scented candles can help enhance the benefits you get from your practice.

10. Install Motion Sensor Lighting

Last but not least, consider investing in motion-sensor lighting that will automatically turn on at the slightest movement. It’s a great way to protect your home against theft, intruders, and other safety issues.

There you have it! A handful of easy ways to make your living room look cozy, inviting, and relaxing in the evening without spending a fortune doing so. All the best!


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