10 Home Design Tips to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

10 Home Design Tips to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Your home is your safe realm and your comfort zone in this world. If you like to live in big houses, the space of the rooms might not be a problem. However, not everyone prefers to live in big places, or they just don’t have that chance. If you are confined to a studio apartment or a not so big flat, know that there are ways to make your place look bigger and it won’t cost you that much money.

Creating the illusion of more space is based on details and small secrets that will no longer remain mysteries. This article wants to help you improve your sardines-in-a-tin-can home to a perfect place that doesn’t need to feel little.

1. Paint the walls white

White makes everything look bigger. Going color free adds a sense of ambiguity, cleanliness, and openness. Choosing the proper white to your walls might help you enlarge the feeling of a small room. The white paint scatters the light in all the direction and that is what you need to your little corner.

2. Declutter

Getting rid of the old stuff that you no longer feel comfortable with or adds no more value is a big step to a more spacious room. People are used to keeping things they don’t use anymore just because. Nevertheless, it is a benefit to be realistic and face that you might not use some things anymore. Donating and selling in second-hand shops the things you don’t use are great ideas to declutter. You can help people in need, or you can return some money to buy new functional things for your home. When decluttering, organize the stuff in three piles: the things you will keep, give away and storage.

3. Use clutter baskets

Tide up your space by simply adding a clutter basket and using it to eliminate the chaos of the room. If you have kids, this might be an essential item to save you from a messy space. Clutter baskets fulfill the function to store things you don’t really have space to, such as magazines, blankets, toys. All the options available on the market will offer you a suitable clutter basket for your favorite design. Don’t wait any longer and race to find better options.

4. Use shelves

Hanging shelves on the wall is better than buying a cumbersome bookshelf. It will spare you space and valuable square footage. With the market offers, it can also make your room look better and more fashionable. Installing mounted shelves will turn your room into a more gracious and efficient area.

5. Add mirrors and use minimalistic furniture

Mirror trick the eye! That’s the reason they are so functional at creating space instantly in your room. Adding the mirror in an area add depth to what people look and bounce light in the room. Besides, buying a mirror will provide to your space an aesthetic style. Additionally, combine a piece of minimalistic furniture and don’t try to fill all the blank spaces of the room. Save space by choosing smart: an ottoman that doubles as a table, chairs with equipped storage under the seat. Think functionally.

6. Natural light

Let the natural light in as much as possible. Use forgo curtains to accomplish this goal, at least for the common places. If you need darkness to have better sleep, then choose some other options not to harm your sleeping hours.

7. Store things under beds

If you have a small room, these beds are the key. Beds with platforms are each day more common in the market. Take good use of the built-in drawers and get rid of the clutter.

8. Take advantage of the closets

Avoid having things out of the closets. Leaving objects all over the place can cause your rooms to look more cluttered and even smaller than they already are. Keep as much hidden as you can. If the closets are not enough, remember of the previous tip: storage stuff under your bed.

9. Keep things clean and tidy

If nothing is on your floor, the room starts immediately to feel bigger. If your shelves are spotless and everything is in the right place, then you are on a good way of space enhancement. Having space for every single detail and piece it is important when it comes to tiny rooms. Leaving tools out of place will start to make your home feel crowded. Moreover, keeping the house clean is another step to take into account. Clean the dust and don’t let trash grow inside.

10. Flooring must be continuous

Incorporating the same flooring material all over the house will create a feeling of unity and, with it, the sense of openness. If the floor is equal from space to space it feel as wide as a track for horse racing. Results? The eye won’t jump between places and everything will feel more harmonious.


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