Attico Vicenza Interior Design Venice, Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น – Anna Laura Businaro

Attico Vicenza Interior Design Venice, Italy - Anna Laura Businaro
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Status: Realized

ALB Studio oversaw the renovation and extensive extension of this penthouse apartment located in Vicenza, Italia. The completed transformation resulted in an elegant and refined contemporary updating of a building built in the 90s, with an extension of the mezzanine floor with a complete renovation of the located in an ancient building with barrel vaults.

A Scandinavian theme was chosen with a minimalistic style setting using a few basic colors: white, black and complimentary undertones of natural oak and wood. The color palette plays on white, black and grays, softened by the warm tones of the wood of the floors and the staircase leading to the upper floor, where the sleeping area develops. The contemporary furniture and linear design leave the rooms quite empty, enhancing the architecture of the spaces.

The main objective that guided the designer throughout the renovation was the search for natural light. Roof skylights were installed in the attic to give light to the study area and the bathroom and an opal glass has been inserted from the shower area to give natural light to the staircase. One of the roof windows sits above the desk and lights up the study area, decorated in white and wood. A glass parapet allows sunlight to filter down to the floor below enhancing the objective to create a living space filled with natural light.

  • Designer: ALB Studio – Anna Laura Businaro
  • Name: Attico Vicenza
  • Property: Apartment
  • Location: Venice, Italy
  • Year: 2017


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