Your Roof Is The First Point Of Defence For Your Home – Take Proper Care Of It

Your Roof Is The First Point Of Defence For Your Home

The temperature of traditional black roofs can heat up quickly. This heat spreads to its surrounding roofs, and the air becomes hotter. The inside of your home also experiences more heat, and to keep it from seeping into your room, the attic insulation needs to be looked into. 

Keep your attic cool

The attic is the space in the house located directly above the roof. If the roof is hot, your attic becomes warmer too. To cool the attic, you can introduce more ventilation and install insulation in the walls and ceiling. You can also install a good-quality power vent to accelerate the cooling process in the air. You can also keep the windows open to allow fresh air.

Paint the roof a light color

Everyone knows that darker colors absorb heat and lighter colors reflect it. If your roof is dark, it absorbs heat quickly and makes your home warm. When you switch to a lighter color, this step reduces the heat from the roof from warming up the house. You can make your home cooler by painting your roof a lighter color and replacing darker shingles or tiles with lighter ones.

Expand the shade over your home

You can cool down the roof’s heat by increasing its levels of shade. When you block out the direct sunlight, your home becomes cool. You can increase the shade of your home by planting tall trees and green vegetation around the house. Experts from Spectrum Roofing & Fences of Metairie recommend installing net shades on the roof or green fiber to keep the sun’s direct rays away from your house.

Build a rooftop garden

If you have a flat roof, consider building a rooftop garden. You can keep pots or planters or make flowerbeds on the roof. All of them will give your roof a protective layer against the sunlight. Both the evaporation and the transpiration cool the air around the roof.

Install solar-reflective tiles and shingles

Solar-reflective tiles and shingles can cool the roof down and reduce energy costs. These tiles and shingles have been specially made for you to reflect direct sunlight and infrared radiation from your home.

You can also install a roof misting system with a simple garden hose. You can invest in a misting system and make the roof cooler when the water sprays over it in the summer. Homeowners with roof misting systems have reported that the temperature drops by about 40 to 60 degrees.

Last, you can install solar panels to keep the heat off your roof. They keep your house cool while also making it more energy efficient. When you install solar panels on the roof, your home gets a protective barrier that reduces the temperature of the roof and your home. These solar panels capture the sun’s rays to offer you renewable energy in the form of electricity.

Now that you know what needs to be done, get in touch with the experts and get the needful done right away.


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