Why Is Spending Time With Grandparents Important?

Why Is Spending Time With Grandparents Important?

Grandparents are said to play a very important role in a child’s life. The role grandparents play in the family is constantly changing. They play the role of mentor, historian,  loving companion, and so on. They also provide the love and care that is needed. If there is a strong connection between two generations, it can lead to feelings of security of belonging to the children and the family. 

There is seen to be an important role in a child’s development, due to a positive parent-child relationship. It helps in the social and emotional development of a child. Many benefits come from a strong parent-child bond. There is a positive impact that is formed due to a close relationship between a grandparent and grandchild. It also affects the happiness and well-being of the family members. One has grandparents around them, it is good for everyone. A healthy connection between a grandchild and the grandparent is fruitful to both sides of the relationship. Here are a few reasons why one should consider spending time with one’s parents.

Free Adviceย 

Grandparents are a good resource because they have many stories and experiences to share. They can easily guide and teach a child about certain things in life. Many times children listen to their grandparents even when they do not listen to their parents or other adults. Grandparents are a link to a childโ€™s cultural heritage. They represent family history. Children understand more of what they are and how they come through the connection they share with their grandparents.

They are like a classroom app that teaches the lessons taught in a classroom for free. This is why one should keep close to their grandparents. Grandmothers tell stories that are a great source of learning and experience. This helps in teaching valuable lessons to children at a young age.

Someone to fall back upon

During tough times, grandparents are like an extra layer of support. They make a major difference in their children’s life. Close grandparent and grandchild relationship in the teenage years is associated with fewer behavioural problems. Emotional problems are also reduced as is seen in the relationship they have with their peers. Grandparents offer extra support, especially when ds need someone to talk to. Sometimes children just find it easy to open up with their grandparents. They can easily share the problems they face.

Looking after them

When both parents work it is usually the grandparents that play a major role in taking care of their children. Grandparents provide the basic needs of a grandchild. They take care of their grandchildren regularly. They can act as an occasional babysitter or a paid childcare provider. Many parents have a great sense of comfort when they know that they have left their children in capable and caring hands. 

Connects Family

We live in a technological world. It is faster and progressive than most of the previous generation. Families have transformed and parents find it difficult to spend time with their children. Earlier they use to spend a lot of time, but now things have changed. This is the reason why grandparents have come to the rescue. They make up for the quality family time that a child craves. They also provide a sense of belonging to the child and are the closest alternative to fill up the parent’s or their partnerโ€™s shoes. Even if it is about dropping the child off at an after-school daycare program they can do it very easily. They also indulge in fun summer activities to keep themselves busy. They are more than interested to be part of the little oneโ€™s life. Thatโ€™s why the grandparentโ€™s role is so important in the Indian family.


Grandparents are said to be a valuable resource. They have many stories and experiences from their own lives to share. This marks the importance of grandparents in one’s life. Grandparents are a connection to a child’s cultural heritage. They also link family history.

This is why one must keep close to their grandparent. One can find time to spend days with their grandparent. This relaxes one’s mind and is a great way to connect to one’s roots.


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