Why Do Commercial Spaces Like Hotels And Public Buildings Need The Best Fire Prevention Systems?

Why Do Commercial Spaces Like Hotels And Public Buildings Need The Best Fire Prevention Systems?

Every public building needs to prevent possible fires with very controlled measures, but in the case of shopping malls and hotels, fire prevention becomes a crucial responsibility given the large influx of people who are going to visit them. There are four main goals for any fire alarm system – Warn residents of a fire, Take immediate action and put everything aside, Start the evacuation movement, and have enough time to escape.

Fire extinguishers

Placed on each floor of the shopping center, there will be one every 15 metres in length. They will be fully portable, visible, and placed in an accessible place for immediate use.

Automatic water sprinklers

You must install them on the entire surface.

Fireplace equipped

If the built area is more than 500 square meters, one is mandatory.

Outdoor moisturizer

It is a hydraulic device necessary for the work of the firefighter. If the area exceeds 1,000 square meters, it will be installed.

Alarm detection

Alarm detectors are basic on all public surfaces. Exceeding 2,000 square meters, manual pushbuttons, and automatic detectors will be installed.

Basic prevention measures

Automatic water sprinklers are mandatory and their evacuation height will not exceed 10 m in length. If the shopping center has several floors, each one will have evacuation exits that comply with current regulations. The route to the outside should not exceed 60 m in length. The entire enclosure must be protected by automatic sprinklers and have smoke control and evacuation systems installed.

A perfect solution

At Mammoth Security Inc. West Hartford, they have all kinds of security systems so that you feel protected and your company does not suffer any unpleasant setbacks. They have many years of experience in the sector. Ask them, and they will advise you on installing security in the commercial, public, and residential areas in New Britain, CT.

Prevent hotel fires

There is no doubt that any fire in a hotel can have serious consequences. That is why precautions are taken with the installation of different protection elements, both active and passive, as dictated by the regulations, and periodic reviews and inspections to ensure the correct maintenance of the prevention systems.

Keep the electrical installations in good condition and be very careful with cleaning, especially in places where dust can accumulate, such as carpets, or in places as delicate as kitchens, with the danger of fat accumulation and a large number of home appliances.

Detection and firefighting elements

Hotels are required to have fire detection elements such as heat and smoke sensors, ceiling sprinklers, emergency exit signs, fire extinguisher and hose location signs, various manual alarm actuators, firefighting stairs, short doors fires, alarm connected to a warning reception center, evacuation plan in all rooms and corridors, etc.

There is also a very effective tool to avoid major misfortunes. To ensure the highest level of fire safety in hotels, it is essential to partner with reputable fire safety service providers such as AESM fire safety services. Many of the hotels already have a fire safety protocol for staff that tells them how to act when the time comes. This protocol is practiced through rehearsals that facilitate learning and prevent staff from acting nervously and incorrectly at a time when they must be as helpful as possible to guests.


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