Where to Get Ideas for Home Décor

Where to Get Ideas for Home Décor

How we decorate our homes says a lot about who we are as human beings. We often have loose images of what we want in our houses, but it can be tough to bring that to fruition. What does a celestial-inspired bedroom look like? What type of tile goes into a farm-industrial styled kitchen? Regardless of how niche or specific your home décor dreams may seem, you don’t have to design everything yourself!

Here are some fantastic resources to use next time you feel like you’ve lost your decor’s direction!


This site is the most obvious answer, and most people who have aesthetic dreams for their home décor start searching for answers here. Pinterest has a vast array of design ideas and mood boards, ranging from temperate forest cottage-core vibes to modern and sleep condo décor. Although it’s good to have a décor style in mind before you approach this site, if you don’t already have a direction, Pinterest will help you find one.

If you’re beginning your décor journey, the good idea is to set up a folder of the things you like and gather everything into well-categorized inspiration. This will let you get a better view of what you want and hopefully allow you to eventually spot pieces that fit your home without you having to question it or consult your boards.

Home Décor YouTube and Television

Although this may have once been very separate sections, the quality of content on YouTube is constantly rising and catching up to the quality of channels like HGTV. On either service, watch a few episodes of any show about home décor that intrigues you.

On YouTube, channels like The Sorry Girls offer a chance at creating home décor that you can love from things that you already own or from things you can purchase second-hand for cheap.

Pay attention to which projects you think are feasible and which projects are exciting for you. If something excites you, you’re more likely to be able to complete it and find joy in owning it. If you’re unsure about a project, take the time to consider how it would fit into your daily life. In the end, completing and not liking a project isn’t the worst thing possible! If the project is a piece of furniture, you can quickly sell or donate it.

Window Shopping Around

Much like you probably sought out listings for Banff homes for sale online before you committed to a serious search, you can window shop for aesthetics and décor. Consider building out from a single item that you already own. If you have an oversized beautiful deep teal couch, and you want to build out your décor from there, you can look up images of similar sofas for sale. These images will show you how other people may dress a room around this item or inspire what you dislike about their tastes.

You don’t have to buy anything to figure out how a piece will look in your home! Try out items digitally, and decide how you feel about them before you purchase them.


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