What To Do In Case Of Excessive Water Damage

What To Do In Case Of Excessive Water Damage

Flash floods, sewer backup, leaking pipes, among other concerns, could see you dealing with significant water damage. If left unattended, even the least visible water damage could lead to considerable losses. For instance, you could be dealing with a mold infestation, a concern that affects your health and the property’s structural integrity. Plywood delamination, steel rust, rotting wood, and affected foundation, to mention a few, are some of the considerable worries associated with water damage. As such, if you suspect you might have water damage, it is advisable to contact a professional for a thorough check.

Minor water damages might not pose a challenge. You can clear out the water and dry the area. However, in case of water damage remediation, you need to take the right steps to avoid more losses. Here is a glance at what you can do in such cases.

Assess the situation

Is it safe to get on the property? If the water hasn’t spread that much, and you can safely make your way in, the first step is to turn off the power. Electricity and water aren’t friends. If you aren’t confident that you can safely make it in, call a pro. An electrician can help. Safety is a priority, and as you consider the next step, you should wear protective gear. Rubber gloves and boots are ideal, ensuring that you aren’t exposed to hazards such as bacteria. Now that you are feeling a lot safer, the next point is your valuable. Can you get your furniture away from the water? How about the carpets and rugs? Protecting your valuables reduces the potential loss from water damage.

Call a pro

Water damage remediation might seem easy, but it is challenging. It is not just about drying the visible water signs. The walls, ceiling, carpet, and furniture, to mention a few areas, water sips in and can go unnoticed as you focus on the visible elements.  As such, you need the right tools and skills to handle the process efficiently. Experienced water damage remediation pros help you avoid secondary damages that are easily overlooked. They’ll ensure that your property is thoroughly tested for any issues, including moisture. Call a local service for immediate remediation, ensuring that the process begins as soon as possible. If addressed within 24-48 hours, water damage spread can significantly be reduced.

Contact your insurer

Your insurance policy will send an adjuster to evaluate the damage and establish what is covered. Enlisting a professional water damage remediation also comes in handy while dealing with the insurance company. The pros take and maintain detailed reports, helping to establish the extent of the loss incurred. Take as many photos before and during the cleanup process. Such records can help you claim fair compensation as you work to get your property in the best shape.


Following the extent of the damage, the restoration process could be the most challenging part. The professionals will help you establish if you have to knock down a wall, flooring needs attention, some furniture should be kept out, among other considerations. Such measures ensure that your property is safe, including keeping secondary issues like mold at bay.

Water damage, especially in your home, can be stressful. Don’t panic, though, as that could see you making decisions that only worsen the situation.


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