6 Common Questions About Artificial Grass

6 Common Questions About Artificial Grass

When you see a beautiful land of green grass, soft and healthy, you want to spread your legs and make yourself comfortable on the lawn to feel the delicate grass against your bare legs. You can have this dream come true in your backyard without the hidden charges of maintenance. Artificial grass makes your home look complete with its delicately designed blades and soft synthetic material that feels like real grass at your feet.

This blog has all your queries related to artificial grass answered to clear your doubts. You will know that The grass is greener on this side.

1. What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is made out of synthetic material that copies the texture, feel, and friction of a natural lawn of a playing field. However, it is more resilient and less prone to damage when subjected to tough conditions, whereas the natural grass will patch up and won’t put up with the work.

Made out of synthetic fibers, the artificial grass is not only sustainable in the long term, but it also is recyclable and a one-time investment. First introduced in 1965, like artificial turf, the manufacturing process and the finishing for the artificial grass have evolved to the extent that it would be difficult to tell them apart from the natural one without an expert eye.

2. Why use artificial grass?

Maintaining a lawn with all-natural plants and grass is a full-time job. You have to keep moving, watering, taking care of the pests and insects, and, not to mention, regrow the patchiness.

All your maintenance duties are eliminated with a carpet of artificial grass that allows you all the benefits of the natural grass. In addition, they are an eco-friendly option that saves water, eliminates the pest and pesticide problem, and is recyclable.

3. What are the uses of artificial grass?

  • Artificial grass has a wide and varied implementation. you can use it for landscaping your yard. It will add a beautiful green to your house that will stay all year round and won’t falter in summer or get soggy in the rains.
  • A swimming pool lawn has to be water absorbent for all the wet splashes from the pool water without showing it. As a result, the natural grass will falter and form muddy puddles, whereas artificial grass will allow the water to pass through, maintaining the dry space.
  • Kids have the habit of pulling out the grass blades while playing in the field that leads to patchy natural grass space. Artificial grass bedding is necessary to resist pulling and patching, and maintaining the soft yard for kids’ safety.
  • Dog owners know the trouble with pets and real lawns. Not only do you have to clean the muddy paws from the lawn every time they step out and in again, but the urine and its smell in the lawn will also render it impossible to use the lawn for any other purpose.
  • Wanting a lawn for you to spend quality time on an apartment balcony is not unrealistic. Just spread out an artificial grass carpet that fits your balcony cut to cut. With no water required and excellent weather-resistant qualities, you will now have a small haven to enjoy the sunsets.
  • For sporting events, at school, stadiums, hotels, and so on, artificial grass is the best choice as you don’t have to worry about grooming them with other arrangements during the occasion.

4. What are the benefits of using artificial grass?

  • Although made from synthetic material, artificial grass supports the environment. It is made from material that can be reclaimed and requires no mowing, watering, harsh chemicals, or pesticides.
  • The weather has no direct effect on the grass quality and density. You can choose the density of the grass you want, and the bedding will maintain the same. The grass does not fade or change colors even after long exposure to the sun or wind. It does not retain water. So even if it rained heavily, you could still enjoy your yard without worrying about muddy footsteps and soggy grass.
  • It suits your busy lifestyle with minimal maintenance of cleaning once in a while; you have the freedom to forget about your lawn once it is installed at your place. With Artificial grass tips and advice, you will keep it clean and make it last longer.
  • Natural grass attracts many ants, bugs, and insects that make it their home and, in time, may intrude on your house. You eliminate the bug problem and keep your house safe and sound from intrusion and destruction.
  • It is pet-friendly as well as perfect for growing kids to play outside.

5. How to choose?

Artificial grass is designed for the purpose: that is to say that you can choose from the wide variety of categories for the particular user you have in mind. It depends on the foot traffic your lawn will have if it’s for kids to play in or for pets.

The kid’s playground will have a much softer texture than the grass blades for higher foot traffic. In addition, pet-friendly grass will be porous to allow the urine to pass through. At the same time, a lawn that has low foot traffic will be made with delicate synthetic material.

  • Pile height: smaller blades will give a hard ground feel to your lawn, while longer blades will leave your yard looking flat. 30mm to 37mm is the ideal height for the blades to give a lush, healthy look to your yard.
  • Density: density for artificial grass is perceived by weight/m2. The ideal density is 3kg weight/m2 to appear evenly spread and not too thick.
  • Colors: yes, green. But which green? A perfect green will make your yard look unreal. You want the green that blends in with the surroundings without arousing doubts. For this purpose, brown grass or thatch is added at the roots to give it a more natural look. Artificial grass comes in olive green, lime green, and other variants.
  • Samples: you can choose from the samples set out by each company to get a vision of how you want your lawn space to look like.

6.  Cost and affordability of the artificial grass?

Artificial grass is an investment that eliminates other costs that are continuous spending on natural grass. With the initial installation price that depends on the type of artificial grass you choose and the bedding required underneath, it will be a long time before changing the yard grass again. However, it will outlive its warranty period with little care and effort, giving you the same texture and look of green grass year after year of its installation.


Please make sure you choose your green after comparing the companies and their cost and colors to fit your requirements and space. Then, all you have to do is measure your yard to calculate your budget according to the per meter cost of various artificial grass samples. You can choose your green grass, with how soft or sturdy you want your lawn to be. Go for this eco option that will grant you an all-time green yard free of duties.

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