What Services Can A Small Real Estate Agency Outsource?

What Services Can A Small Real Estate Agency Outsource?

Outsourcing is an ideal way for organizations across every industry to save cash and optimize their use of the resources available to them without recruiting new permanent team members.

This is certainly the case in the context of running a small but ambitious real estate agency, although choosing which services to outsource is a challenge in its own right. To help you handle this, here is a look at the aspects of your operations you might consider outsourcing as your business grows.

HR management

Handling HR in-house is tricky for smaller firms, but luckily it is perfectly possible to outsource this to a third party that is perfectly equipped to deal with all of the issues that you might face in this arena.

In terms of the top HR outsourcing solutions available at the moment, Snack Nationโ€™s article on the subject should point you in the right direction.

Digital marketing

This is one of the services which it makes the most sense to outsource, because while making sure that your real estate agency is marketed effectively in the digital realm is important, it can also be difficult if you are not up to date with the latest strategies involved and technologies available.

Once again, with the assistance of a digital marketing agency or even a freelance consultant you should be able to boost the visibility of your brand in the online ecosystem, while also getting help with the running of accounts on social media platforms, the optimization of your website and a host of other significant promotional tweaks.


Efficient, compliance-led money management is key to every real estate transaction, as well as more generally to the successful stewardship of any small business. If your real estate agency is especially new or even a one-person operation at the moment, you will definitely need to outsource the orchestration of your financial affairs.

A qualified, experienced accountant should allow you to balance the books, deal with payroll issues, ensure that taxes are paid and give you the guidance you need to avoid the plethora of pitfalls that lie on the path to financial stability.

Photography & videography

The modern real estate market is reliant on great photos and videos of properties being made available to prospective buyers. More importantly, people can tell the difference between interior and exterior shots that have been hastily snapped on the agentโ€™s iPhone, and those that have been carefully composed by a professional.

As such it makes sense to outsource these duties to the experts, rather than hoping that your amateur efforts are adequate to satisfy the expectations of clients.

With the advent of virtual tours and VR capture, you may even want to push the envelope further and embrace new technologies to show your properties in the best possible way.

In short, whichever skills and abilities you lack in-house, outsourcing them will allow your real estate agency to spread its wings and soar without steep costs to cover.


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