What Is Physical Distribution Management Or Logistics?

What Is Physical Distribution Management Or Logistics?

Physical distribution management or logistics include activities carried out by various organizations to distribute products. Various industries that manufactured goods regularly required transportation of the products to the distributors for easy delivery to the consumer. Logistics includes the transit of goods from the organization to the middleman and the consumer. 

However, logistics is a lot more than mere transportation; it also encompasses planning, packaging, and handling the goods in the supply chain. Individuals transporting their products from the warehouse to the dealer require adjusting the inventory and appropriate handling of the products.

Here are a few activities or functions of the logistic management

When delivered to the end consumer, several logistic activities make up the manufacturer’s supply process.

Processing of the order

The first and foremost part of logistic functioning is processing the order by the commercial department of a firm. Such a department ensures all the requirements before the processing for carrying the charge. The task of the commercial team includes accepting the order from the consumer and placing it in the warehouse. After the consumer makes the payment, the commercial department members transfer the information to the warehouse. Information regarding the delivery of such products is vital. 

Handling of materials

 Another significant aspect of product distribution involves appropriate handling of goods and efficient processing of orders. While it may seem simple, handling material is an ongoing activity in every manufacturing department. The storehouse of products in large firms requires a vast area for storing products. Therefore, the warehouse manager must ensure the right place for every material, allowing individuals to dispatch the same through the supply chain. Therefore handling materials is a significant task of Logistics.


Warehousing handles the distribution of products across the globe while it gets manufactured in a few places. Therefore, a warehouse has a significant role and is essential for logistic activities. A necessary consideration of warehousing is that it should be located near the dealer or distributors to facilitate easy movement of goods. 

Therefore, organizations must establish a storehouse near its manufacturing so that the delivery of goods can take place seamlessly. In case of the high demand for a product, warehouses come in handy to deliver goods to the consumers.

Inventory control

An ideal organization manufactures optimum units per the demand and gets prepared in case of increased demand. Such a logistics function ensures adequate investment in products according to the market. Inventory control ensures proper allocation of funds for manufacturing and using it as working capital.


A significant logistic activity encompasses transportation which is a complicated task involving a lot of funds. Therefore an organization must adequately take care of the various logistic activities required by the firm. An efficient logistics trucking company efficiently manages product distribution throughout the world. You must hire a company that has efficiency and experience. They can guide you throughout without hassles, bringing ease to the transportation procedure. An experienced team can do wonders for your firm. 


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