What is the Best Roof Type When Planning a House?

What is the Best Roof Type When Planning a House?

The kind of roof to be installed on a property is supposed to be an important decision for prospective homeowners. This is because of its important functions.

For instance, the choice of material and specifications in the roof plan will determine the roof’s ability to protect from harsh elements as well as its durability. Other than this, the part of the building plays a huge role in interior air quality.

These are some of the reasons you should be intentional about the kind of roof you choose for your building. In the bid to make sure you end up with the right roof for your property, this article will address how to figure out the best roof right from the house planning phase.

How to Figure Out the Right Roof for Your Building

There are so many options you can explore in terms of material and designs. However, you have to make sure what you end up with is worth it. To make sure of this, here are some things you should take into consideration:

The Peculiarities of Your Location

You should understand that what works in one place may not be suitable for other places. It all boils down to understanding what is good for your location.

The average temperature and other peculiarities of your environment should influence your choice. This is so that you will be able to cope with the natural elements your location is exposed to.

For instance, people who live in cold regions should go for options that guarantee insulation from the top. The material and design should be able to trap heat so that occupants can stay warm and healthy.


There is no doubting the fact that this part of the property needs to be aesthetically appealing. This is especially because it is often one of the first things people see from the outside. However, good looks should not be at the expense of durability.

To this end, you should opt for something durable. The materials, which may consist of single or multiple layers, should be able to properly withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Capacity of the Frame

You should understand that the roofing material is not all that the roof is about. The frame used to hold the installed roofing material should also be considered. In light of this, you should make sure the installation is not too weighty for the frame.

In situations where a weighty roofing material is placed on a lightweight frame, the span of the roof is greatly affected. You should ensure that this does not happen to get the best of your roof.

Complements the Structure of the Building

We have passively explained that the roof is supposed to draw aesthetic appeal. In other words, it should add to the good looks of the house.

To achieve this, you should opt for a roof design that complements other parts of the building. Some people make use of weird options and try to make up for this by using shades that complement.

The truth is that this does not always do the trick. So, you should be deliberate about making use of a design that complements right from the design phase.

Different architectural styles are used to come up with the properties you see around you. Some of them include Cape Cod, Beach, Bungalow, Adobe Revival, Colonial, Contemporary Craftsman, Country, and Contemporary.

Whichever option you go for, make sure the roof design complements the entire design. This will go a long way in making your house a site to behold.

Roofing Cost

The design phase is not only about coming up with mind-blowing ideas about the roof and other parts of the building. It is also a time to figure out how much you are willing to part with and which options fit into your plan.

As a result, you should opt for something that you can afford so that you will not get stuck along the way. This is important because starting a roofing project and not completing it on time can be bad for the entire construction project.

The reason is that the absence of the coverage and protection that a completed roof will afford will affect other constructed parts of the building. So, you should go for something you are certain you can afford right from the house design phase.

Functional Style

The roof should serve a functional and structural purpose regardless of the material and design you make use of. Speaking of serving a functional purpose, you should avoid anything that tends to trap water or snow in this part of the building.

The reason is that the prolonged presence of water can weaken the material, supporting frame, and cause leakage into the interior part of the building. To avoid this, your plan has to engage a style that has the right amount of slope.

Furthermore, installations such as gutters and other things to allow the free flow of water should be factored in. This is important given that leakage in the roof usually becomes a bigger problem with time.

For instance, it can weaken the frame used to hold it in place. So, you should pay serious attention to this.

Building Codes by Local Authorities

Local regulations are binding on all aspects of construction, and the roof is not left out. As a result, you should make sure your design, material, and implementation tactics are not in violation of any of these codes.

Usually, prospective homeowners, through their house plan architects, are expected to submit their building plans to relevant regulatory bodies for validation. It is after the plan has been analyzed and validated that work is supposed to commerce.

Also, you should factor in the regulations of the housing authority. This is because there may be unique laws by this body in certain places.


As stressed in the early part of this article, the roof is a very important part of the building. It protects the occupants of the property from harsh elements, contributes to interior air quality, adds to the beauty of the place, and does a few other things.

You should, as a result of all these, make sure you get the right roof. This process starts from the house design phase, where you should come up with something appropriate for your property.


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