What Happens If I Get Hurt While on Vacation in Florida?

What Happens If I Get Hurt While on Vacation in Florida?

Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, attracting over 137 million visitors per year. The sunny beaches, theme parks, and attractions bring people from all over the world. However, accidents and injuries can happen even when you’re relaxed on vacation. If you suffer an injury during your Florida vacation, it’s important to understand your options and legal rights regarding medical treatment, recovery, and potential compensation.

Seeking Medical Care

If you experience an injury while visiting Florida, your first priority is to seek proper medical care. This may involve going to the nearest hospital, urgent care clinic, or calling an ambulance if it is an emergency. Be sure to thoroughly describe how the injury occurred and list all symptoms you are experiencing to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

As a tourist, finding an in-network provider can be difficult. Florida law protects your right to receive emergency treatment, even if the provider is out-of-network for your insurance. However, you may still be responsible for any costs beyond what your insurer covers. To minimize expenses, ask the hospital to work directly with your health insurance if possible.

Pursuing Financial Reimbursement

Once you’ve received initial medical care, you may want to explore options for financial reimbursement if another party was responsible. According to the Clearwater car accident lawyers at Roman Austin, if you were hurt in a car crash that was someone else’s fault, you have legal rights to pursue compensation from them or their insurance to cover medical bills, lost wages from missed work, pain and suffering, and other damages.

A car accident lawyer can help you build your case, negotiate a fair settlement, and take the at-fault party to court if needed. On average, having legal representation leads to a settlement that is around $30,000 higher than those without lawyers in injury cases.

Alternatively, if you were injured at a hotel due to negligence like unsafe premises, you could make a claim against their insurance and pursue damages that way. Regardless of how the injury occurred, consulting an attorney protects your rights and ability to recover costs so you can focus on healing.

Returning Home After an Injury

If you suffer a major injury in Florida that requires ongoing medical care and recovery time, it can be difficult navigating how to get back home safely. Here are some things to consider:

  • Discuss traveling with your physician: Depending on your injury, flying commercially with a leg cast or after recent surgery may not be advised or permitted. Get your doctor’s recommendations on whether or when air travel would be safe based on your condition.
  • Look into medical transport options: Some health insurance plans cover the cost of a medically equipped transport van or air ambulance for those unable to travel normally after injury or surgery. This specialized transport with trained staff ensures you make it home safely.
  • Have help set up at home: Don’t try to recover from a major injury alone. Speak with your family and healthcare providers to arrange for equipment rentals like wheelchairs or walkers if needed. Home health aides can also assist with tasks like bathing, cooking, etc. 

Any injury significant enough to derail your travels will also need care once home. Being proactive with after-care and following all discharge instructions are key to making a full recovery, even after the hardships of getting injured on vacation.

No one expects to get hurt while relaxing on vacation. But even in a sunshine-filled destination like Florida, accidents and injuries occur. If you suffer an injury while visiting, focus first on proper medical care, then learn your rights and options regarding potential reimbursement for damages if another party was responsible.


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