What Do Tree Removal Companies Do With The Wood?

What Do Tree Removal Companies Do With The Wood?

You are almost certainly aware that trees generate a large amount of the oxygen that humans rely on to live. And you are also probably aware that every year, the earth loses more of its natural rainforests.

More than 15 billion trees vanish each year due to deforestation. While this figure is shocking, there are some occasions when trees do need to be removed.

When homeowners need to remove trees, they will usually call a professional service to do so. But, why cut down trees, and what happens to them after?

Why cut down any tree?

Trees sometimes get damaged in high winds, and limbs can crack and become a danger to people. When tree damage is so severe that it can’t be fixed, the only option is removal.

Diseases can also attack trees. Calling tree services who have trained arborists on staff will lead to a diagnosis. However, some diseased trees cannot be saved, which will result in removal.

A dying tree might last a few more years. Therefore, an arborist should be consulted before deciding on tree removal.

What happens to trees after they are chopped down?

Any homeowner who has had a tree removed might have questioned where the wood goes. This short article aims to explain what happens to trees once they are chopped up and removed from gardens.

Fortunately, wood from tree removal is put to very good use. The environment is a big issue today, and recycled wood is used for building eco-friendly houses. Wood also provides a clean source of fuel.

Tree removal provides firewood

Oak and maple make great firewood, and both these species are native Missouri trees. If a hardwood tree is chopped down, some of it will almost certainly go to firewood.

Hardwood burns longer and hotter than softwoods, so oak and maple make good firewood options. Drying logs in a kiln will produce even better firewood. And some tree removal services give firewood away for free.

Tree removal provides woodchips

Parts of a tree could be turned into woodchips for mulch or other garden purposes. Wood chips are eco-friendly, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Oak wood chips make good mulch, as do many conifers. But, woodchips may be used to create a garden walkway or even a soft play area covering.

Thinking a little outside of the box brings creative possibilities for trees that have been chopped down. Rustic garden furniture can be shaped out of the trunk of a tree, for example.

Tree removal provides biofuel

The EPA reported that burning wood is carbon neutral. This makes wood an ideal source of fuel.

Today, sustainable wood sources are being used to produce biofuels. Research has taken place to find the best source of energy for biofuel. One USDA-funded study found poplar trees to be the best option for biofuel.

After five years and $40 million in government investment, researchers concluded that poplar trees were a sustainable choice for energy production. Typically, poplar trees can grow up to 5 ft a year. However, researchers discovered that optimum conditions would let poplar trees grow up to 20 ft a year.

While it is unlikely that your tree will make it into biofuel, it might be something that becomes more common in the future.

Tree removals go to landfill

Sometimes trees that get chopped down have to be disposed of in a landfill. However, green landfills are only used for organic matter, and it is possible that methane gas from wood breaking down can be turned into electricity.

Tree removal companies don’t normally use green landfills. But, in some areas, landfills might be the only option.

Tree removal provides lumber

Wood is used for many purposes, including furniture and construction. If you want trendy wooden flooring in your home, you will need lumber.

Tree removal companies might send the wood to a sawmill to be turned into lumber. Solid wood has to be milled directly from trees. So, logs are taken to a sawmill where they are processed.

First, the wood has the bark removed and gets cut to an appropriate length. The wood then gets cut into boards and goes through a process known as seasoning.

Seasoning is needed to remove all the excess moisture held in the wood. The boards are easier to work with when they are dried, and less likely to warp.

After this, the tree that was once standing in your garden can be used to create bookshelves, tables, and other furniture.


There are all manner of creative ways to use wood, and there is no need for tree removal to be the end of this useful material.

The wood from tree removals gets used to make lumber for construction and carpentry. And wood can be used for heating and producing energy too.


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