White Wooden Flooring – Adding an Artistic and Trendy Look to Living Rooms

White Wooden Flooring - Adding an Artistic and Trendy Look to Living Rooms

The common living room, also considered a lounge or sitting room, is often the centre of attraction in most homes. Did you know that the words “living room” was coined late in the 19th and onset of the 20th Century as a socializing area of the house, where family and friends gather throughout the day and night.

As the main area of your home, the living room should be attractive and focussed. You can accessorise your living room in many ways by adding comfortable two or three seat sofas for the family, a functional centre table, beautiful lights and a splash of new décor. But the main focal point is always flooring. The current white wood-flooring fad is both artistic and trendy. You can add allure, style and timeliness to practically any living room effortlessly with white wood flooring allowing your individual style to resonate from the ground up.

Here is a combination of five factors of why you should consider white wood flooring in living rooms:

1. Perfect for any decor style

White wooden flooring goes well with any type of décor. It is versatile in nature as it matches with almost any décor or palette. You can play with the style going vintage, funky or even for a modern look. If you are renovating your whole room, you may want to start with fresh new décor to compliment the changes or not. You decide.

2. Great combination with walls and accessories

White wooden flooring will complement any wall colour in your home. White is a pristine colour that fits well with almost any interior. Many designers prefer having white as the base. It gives a classy look to the room and provides the option of adding colour to the room through furniture, paintings, rugs etc. Start decorating with neutral colours or tones.

Rugs play an important role to uplift the aesthetics of your room. With white wooden flooring, you can add a perfect finish with either dark or light-coloured rugs. Since the base is white, choosing colours and furniture for the decor becomes a tad easy.

White walls are great for bouncing off natural light into the room, making the room look bigger and spacious. Even if you have a monochrome colour wall, white wooden flooring will add an elegant look to your decor.

3. Health and hygiene

Wooden flooring tends to not collect as much dust particles and dirt adding to the cleanliness factor of your home. Since wooden flooring adds warmth to a room, it makes your feet feel cosy and comfortable. Wooden flooring with a core layer of rubber provides stability as it contracts and expands as minimum as possible. This flooring is best suited for areas with a humid climate like India, Singapore etc. 

4. Easy to clean

A common myth existed with wooden flooring that cleaning would cause the wood to degrade. With newer technologies, wood stains are a thing of the past. But nowadays, wood has been modified so that it doesn’t stain easily. This helps in regular cleaning either with vacuum or sweeping.

5. Long lasting

New wooden flooring technologies are longer lasting and do not lose their shine as easily as in the past. With proper care and attention, the new type of flooring remains in great condition and does not require replacement for minor issues as it can be repaired easily by sanding all the imperfections and refinishing multiple times with a durable finish.

From the multitude of flooring options on the market, white wooden flooring definitely stands out. It’s both classy and trendy, but that’s not the only reason its currently in vogue. For exterior flooring options you can find some great options at https://woodwhiz.com/best-exterior-wood-stains.

White is in.


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