Home Design Trends – The Most Popular Renovations For Hot Climates

Home Design Trends - The Most Popular Renovations For Hot Climates

Living in a location with a warm climate gives plenty of opportunity for making the most of the weather. It’s hard to appreciate hot temperatures if you can only experience them when you’re actually outside – but equally, there are times when the weather gets all too much, and you want to take a break from it entirely.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to renovate your home to deal with the pros and cons of a hot climate. If you’re looking to stay on trend with your home’s climate-focused renovations, here are the most popular warm weather home renovations:

1. Awnings and shutters

As well as giving a property extra character, awnings and shutters provide that essential shading around a home’s exterior, helping to prevent invasion from the sun’s rays. It’s a quick and easy task to put awnings and shutters to use whenever you want to block out unwanted heat or create a channel for breeze.

2. Swimming pools

Swimming pools have a novelty aspect to them, but in many ways, they’re incredibly convenient in a hot climate. Not only can a swimming pool keep your family entertained, it offers an enjoyable means of cooling off on those exceptionally humid days. Swimming pools can also increase your home’s selling value – “They have a major appeal particularly to house buyers in Sydney,” says Wendy Russell, founder of a Buyers Agency in Brisbane.

3. Insulation improvements

In a more practical sense, improving insulation is one of the simplest ways to weather-proof your home against the heat. Unsurprisingly, as insulation continues to improve in price and efficiency, more and more homeowners are considering it for 2020. Insulation prevents heat from penetrating through your property walls, which can help you to stay cool and save money – especially if you’re using air con indoors.

4. Kitchen ventilation

A poorly ventilated kitchen will cling onto stuffy heat, with nowhere to disperse it but the rest of the home. In locations with hot climates, many home renovations are focusing more than ever on how to dispel this problem with proper ventilation. Large windows and doors can improve air flow in a home, helping to cool the area more quickly.

5. Solar panels

They’re the future of electricity, and they work best in locations with longer hours of uninterrupted sunshine, so it’s unsurprising that solar panels continue to make a popular renovation choice for hot climates. Solar panels can help homeowners save a ton of money on electricity, and they cost very little to maintain in the long run.

6. Roofing redesign

We all know that black absorbs heat the most, so if your home has a darker roof, you’re going to experience more of an issue with staying cool. In warmer climates, a white or lighter shade of roof tile will reflect the heat, literally repelling it from your home. Roofing redesigns are fairly low-cost compared to other renovation options, and are incredibly effective when done right.


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