What Are The Easiest Jobs To Get With No Experience?

What Are The Easiest Jobs To Get With No Experience?

Are you looking for your first job? You may be wondering what jobs are available to you without experience. Here, we’ll discuss the top 16 no-experience-necessary jobs you can apply to for your first job or when in need of a career change.

“No Prior Experience Required”

When beginning your job search, look for listings that use the phrases “no prior experience required” or “no experience necessary.” According to the job search platform Indeed, this “means that they do not expect you to have any prior knowledge, training, or professional experience to do the job well.”

Even so, there are some qualifications. Many employers require at least a high school diploma or equivalent (unless you are still in school). Also, you will likely need to be proficient in communicating, have basic computer skills, and soft skills like teamwork. These are transferable skills vital to almost any job.

Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-level jobs can be acquired in many fields. As the name suggests, these are the jobs through which a person enters the workforce. Entry-level jobs often have the terms “junior” or “assistant” in the job title. That means you’ll be working under a more experienced employee. You’ll most likely receive on-the-job training with opportunities for upward advancement.

Web Developer

Web development and computer coding are skills that many tech enthusiasts have taught themselves. If you have a computer, you can work remotely as a web developer from the comfort of your own home.

Information Technology Technician

IT techs install, maintain, and troubleshoot computer systems. IT techs are needed in virtually every industry, as computers are used universally. IT techs may work for a dedicated IT firm that services multiple clients, or they may handle the networking needs of a single employer.

Virtual Customer Service Representative

Many companies, from Amazon to AARP, need customer service reps to help customers by phone or through online chat. In the past, most of these positions involved working in a call center, but today, you can work from home with a laptop and a headset. Companies typically provide a few weeks of training when you start.


If you can operate a lawnmower and a string trimmer, lawn care and landscaping is an easy field to get into. If you have a lawnmower and string trimmer, you can even start your own business.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a hot career field, especially for individuals seeking a change mid-career. Real estate agents help buyers navigate the property-buying process. Duties include marketing, showing houses, negotiating terms, and assisting with home loans. Most real estate agents work on commission. Agents must pass the state real estate exam to become licensed.


Firefighters respond to emergency calls, provide basic medical attention, and use heavy equipment to fight fires and handle other emergency situations. Emergency or medical training such as CPR may make you an appealing candidate. Fire fighting also requires a level of physical fitness, strength, and stamina. 


Driving is a diverse field. It can range from delivering food or packages to chauffeuring clients to operating large shipping trucks. Usually, a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record are all that’s required. To operate large vehicles, a commercial driver’s license may also be needed.

Sales Representative

Sales reps are needed in diverse industries, including retail, business-to-business vendors, and pharmaceuticals. Sales representatives make sales presentations by phone, video conference, or in person.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants help out in offices in many industries, taking calls, answering correspondence, scheduling appointments, entering data, and doing paperwork. In time, administrative assistants may be promoted to office managers, executive assistants, or human resource departments.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy techs fill and label prescriptions, file patient information, take inventory, and process health insurance claims. You may be required to take a pharmacy technician certification exam to become certified.

Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusters inspect vehicles, buildings, and properties when insurance claims are filed. Duties include interviewing clients, taking photos, and filling out paperwork. In some states, a licensing exam is required.


Estheticians work at spas and salons, where they give clients facials, shape the brows, and provide other beauty treatments. You may need to take a course or get certified in order to work as an esthetician.

Notary Public

Notaries public witness the signing of documents. Notaries must purchase an official stamp and pay a yearly registration fee.

Garbage Collector

Garbage collectors provide a vital service to the community. They may also collect sorted recyclables for processing.

Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

If you know how to exercise with proper form and can motivate others, you may be able to work freelance or for a local gym.


Librarians assist visitors in finding the books they need. They also sort books, stock shelves, and operate computers.


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