Ways To Redesign Your Home Without Major Renovations

Ways To Redesign Your Home Without Major Renovations

Waking up daily in the same surroundings starts to feel monotonous, especially if you’re working from home. It’s refreshing and relaxing to change your home themes from time to time. You may find it challenging, but there are ways to make that happen easily. Here are some simple changes to make that don’t require much effort:

1. Add More Open Space

Open space in the house helps relax your mind, and it’s not difficult to accomplish. Get rid of large, bulky furniture and decorative items that occupy more space. If you’re not ready to let them go, you can repaint the furniture off-white so that it doesn’t appear to take up a lot of room. You can always add mirrors to make your rooms appear larger too.

2. Use Better Lighting

A poorly lit room gives off a gloomy vibe, while a bright room feels warm and welcoming. Simply buy a few table lamps that go with the rest of the room. Putting up tall floor lamps in the room’s dark corners is another helpful way of adding light to the room. In addition, placing mirrors helps bounce off the light from outside and spread it across the room, adding illumination.

3. Get New Curtains

A simple change like getting new curtains for your windows can change the whole look of the room. If you’re going for an airy and open vibe, choose light-colored curtains such as white, light gray, or pastel colors. You can also match or contrast your curtains with the existing furniture. Getting a darker shade of the furniture color is one way to do that. 

4. Add Wall Hangings

No matter how fresh your wall paint and wallpapers may be, they’ll feel dull if they are empty. Search your attic and storerooms, and take out any artwork you may have put away. You can simply exchange the existing hangings and frames as well. If you think you’re not much of an artist, head to YouTube and search for simple DIY wall hangings. You will be amazed to find easily doable yet astonishing designs.

5. Build a Natural Ambience

A home is a place where we spend most of our day. That’s why our homes should feel as cozy and close to nature as possible. Hanging up vines on the entrance or around the mirrors and putting pots on shelves will give your place a fresh look. It not only adds to the aesthetic value but also helps to improve indoor air quality

6. Use Fragrances

We often associate certain scents with specific places, and like all those places, our homes have a particular scent too. It’s up to you to decide how you want your home to smell. You can improve the overall aroma by putting scented candles at certain spots in the room. In addition, you can put vases with freshly cut flowers and change them regularly. 


Our home is one of the constants in our lives; we spend our happiest and saddest moments there. When it becomes a place that brings us nothing but frustration, the whole concept of home seems to fade. Bring these simple yet effective changes if you’re tired of how your home looks. You’ll see just how big of an impact they make in your daily life. If it’s too much of a hassle, you can simply hire a professional home organizer to provide fresh perspectives and innovative yet economical ideas for the redesign. This way, your house will be arranged by experts, and you won’t have to spare your precious time.


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