The Art of Staying Home

The Art of Staying Home

The pandemic hasn’t been an easy battle that has made it an everyday struggle for some. Whether you’re with friends or your family, chances are it takes a heavy toll on everyone involved. Work at home is just one of the examples of how this pandemic shifts the activities of the economy. Most moms would have to attend Zoom meeting calls and start preparing family lunches because kids are not in school. Other individuals live on their own struggles to manage everything from doing the laundry, cooking, paying the bills, cleaning their place, and feeding themselves. The reality is that is what most people are dealing with right now.

Luckily, the “new normal” setting kicks in. So what is that all about? Technically, it’s when you do the usual thing in an unusual way. Have you tried doing your groceries using your phone? How about buying fresh lobsters online and seeing them right at your doorstep? Unusual right?

Let’s see if we can improve that new normal lifestyle of yours. In this battle, your physical health is not the only important thing; your mental health is just as important as it is. 

Start Grilling

Have you ever seen your neighbor’s backyard all so smoky that the smell from it gets you super hungry? It does not matter if it’s a backyard or just a balcony; anyone can start grilling anything. 

Before you start, understand the must-haves. Think of a place where you would want to start grilling, prepare the place and make it spacious. A table near your working area is a good idea. It will save you energy from walking around just to get your equipment. Imagine the Doctor in the surgery room being surrounded by everything he needs. Beginner or not, practice placing your tools like a spatula, knife, basting brush, tongs, and gloves near you; tripping while grilling is the last thing you want to happen. 

Identify which grill type you’re willing to have. Electric, gas, the best flat top grills, and charcoal grills are the usual options for you. Remember that each type requires certain care, maintenance, and handling. Decide whether to have steaks, skewers, vegetables, corn, or seafood so that you can prepare the ingredients beforehand, and maybe if you still have time, search for the best recipe available.

It is going to be more than just feeding your family or friends. Memories are made, especially when and where there is food, grilled foods! It is going to be beneficial, especially for your mental health. Unwinding, eating outside, and having your dinner not fried, not dry but juicy and flavorful is something you will always look forward to.

Eating Habits

According to Report Linker, the global market growth for online food delivery services is at $126.91 billion from just $7 billion in 2020. Most Americans now depend on their meals being delivered, and because of that, establishments that serve only for dine-in join the competition. Delivery services such as Getir are committed to taking its service to another level to serve not just food deliveries but groceries, fresh produce, snacks, and everything else you usually find in a super shop while customers enjoy customized offers and Getir promo codes available on their mobile app.

There are a lot of food options for you when it comes to delivery services. Patronizing fast-food chains just because it’s convenient does not justify the fact that it’s full of preservatives, sodium, calories, and cholesterol. 

It may not be familiar to you, but plant-based meals joined the trend already, making organic and healthy meals available for delivery. So the next time you open that phone of yours, ditch your go-to fast food option and go with loaded avocado toast for breakfast.

Get A Pet Help

Having a pet is not just when seeking security, but studies suggest that being accompanied by a cat or a dog decreases the level of anxiety and stress. With so many things going on in your life, choosing a healthier state of mind is a must. It gives you a positive disposition, self-confidence, and focus.

Little things you should consider would be what pet really suits your personality. Is it a dog or a cat? Size matters as well. Understanding the space you’re going to share is crucial. It could get messy if you do not consider space and size.

No one’s going to stop you if you opt to have turtles, fish, hamsters, or even geckos. Your goal is to have a company, something to think about, and something to care for. It may be unusual to have these as pets but, they’re living beings, and that is what you especially need if you’re living by yourself in your condo unitbecause of studies or your job. Do not forget to give your pet help some cuddling. 

Importance Of Fitness

Work at home setup does not just consume your social hours but also your time to exercise. After tackling how mental health is important, let’s now go to your physical state. Because of the new normal shift, those who work from home are known to be sedentary for most of their time. Sitting and eating in front of the computer are just some of the bad habits people are acquiring. Lack of exercise, blood flow, and muscle movement increase your chance of having heart problems, diabetes, and more.

Here’s what you can do. Even when still in a meeting, sneak in some stretchings. Grab your small weights, create sets and repetitions to make cycles of your preferred exercise type. Many individuals think that exercise is such a boring and tedious activity that is why they end up not doing one. Trick your mind, and invest in fitness equipment that is colorful, challenging, or unique so that you will have a better reason to do it.

Breathing exercises should also be on your checklist. You may start by standing up, take a few minutes to breathe deeply, reach to your highest point to release tension, and lastly, wiggle and shake to keep that blood flowing.


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