The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Local Moving

The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Local Moving

Thankfully, local moving is cheaper than moving across different states. Still, it’s costly; the average local moving cost ranges from $80 to $100 per hour. So, how do you save money on moving? There are various money-saving hacks that you don’t want to miss out on, so stick around to find out!

What Is A Local Move?

If you’re unsure whether this article is for you or not, identify the type of your move, local or else. Typically, any move within a 50-mile radius is local. But the term may be broadened to include other intrastate moves that surpass the 50-mile radius but are still within the same state.

Moving by Yourself

Of course, moving on your own is cheaper than renting a moving truck. These are some moving tips to save money if you’re DIYing your way through the move:


The fewer belongings you have, the less effort, time, and money you spend on moving and transportation. Undoubtedly, the sorting process requires time, but it’ll be worth it. You can even take it a step further by selling some of your unwanted items, and you can make a donation pile and a garbage pile.

Use Inexpensive or Free Packing Supplies

Sourcing your packing materials in an economical way makes all the difference. For example, if you know someone who’s moved recently, they may have some bubble wrap, packing paper, or moving boxes in good condition to give you.

Moreover, you can ask big-box retailers, local businesses, or recycling centers if they have extra boxes that they want to get rid of. If your only option is to buy them, Lowe’s has very cheap boxes. Finally, use your baskets, blankets, towels, and suitcases to organize your belongings.

Pack Yourself

Packing as much of your belongings on your own or with reliable friends can save you a ton of money. But learn how to pack them properly to avoid costly damages. This way, you’ll only ask professionals to haul your furniture pieces and other bulky objects.

Rent Movers for Your Furniture Only

Local moving is relatively easy in that you can pick up your small items and boxes in your truck or car and move it yourself. You can rent movers to haul your furniture only, as they can do so in one trip for an affordable price. And you can learn more about local movers to get the best deals!

Still, you should leave enough items for the professional movers because they’ll probably have a minimum of 3 to 4 hours. If they take less time, the cost won’t go lower than that minimum.

Tip: Books occupy plenty of space in moving trucks, but shipping them with FedEx or USPS costs much less.

Hire Day Workers

Day workers cost way less than professional moving companies. So, if you can’t do the heavy lifting and none of your friends are available, day laborers can load and unload your furniture.

Moving With a Professional Company

Working with professional moving services can cost a lot, but these tips can ensure that the moving costs don’t get out of control.

Avoid the Weekends

Weekends tend to be the busiest times for moving, which can translate to 20% or 30% higher rates. That’s especially true for the last weekend of each month. So, schedule your move on a weekday.

Compare Quotes

You should get no less than three moving quotes to compare and negotiate prices. Also, don’t forget to evaluate the companies’ online reputation via reviews and ratings on Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), or other review sites. And ensure that they have moving insurances and licenses.

Do As Much Packing As You Can

This is by far the most effective way of saving money. If your possessions are packed and ready, the local movers won’t spend much time moving your item. This way, if they charge by the hour, you’ll pay less.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you can save money on a local move by using what you have. That can be anything from used moving supplies or reliable friends and family. Explore options other than hiring moving services, and figure out what works for you, whether that includes moving by yourself or hiring a professional moving service.


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