Useful Guide To Help You Add A Personal Touch To Your Home

Useful Guide To Help You Add A Personal Touch To Your Home

When you first move into your home, it can feel overwhelming. Suddenly, you have this huge space to decorate and make your own. You may be wondering – how can I add my own personal touches? This guide is here to lend a helping hand. Below – are six ways you can add personal touches, from switching up your accessories by making custom tea towels to displaying personal items – let’s get started.

Choose Your Own Artwork

Artwork is an excellent way to express yourself. If you are struggling to fill empty walls in your home, hanging artwork is a great way to add character and vibrancy to the space. Try to choose artwork that reflects your personality and taste. You can even try and make something yourself if you fancy creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece. If you struggle to pick art, you are not alone. With so much choice out there, it can be tough to make a decision. Luckily, there is plenty of advice online that can help you choose the right artwork for your home. Make an effort to look at different styles to help you determine what you like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color to brighten up the space. 

Display Personal Items

If you want to make your house a home, you must display some of your personal belongings. You don’t want the space to feel cluttered so try to pick items that are meaningful to you. For example, you may choose to display an ornament from a recent holiday or a picture frame from a friend. Displaying personal items around your home shows people that it is yours. Small mementoes are also nice for you to look at. It can uplift your mood and help you feel more relaxed. If you want to display a personal item that is fragile, it is best to put it high up on a shelf so it cannot be touched or broken. 

Customize Accessories

Customizing items is a sure-fire way to add a personal touch to your home. Not only can you create a one-of-a-kind piece, but you can also use them as gifts for others. Take a look at these custom tea towels from Mary’s Kitchen as an example. You can order a range of custom tea towels using your own artwork and design. As well as using them in your home, you can also gift them to others. They are a subtle personal touch, but one that helps you make your house feel like a home. You can order these custom tea towels in bulk which is ideal as this is a piece of home décor that you will use often. If it gets dirty, no problem. Throw it in the wash and use another. 

Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall displays photographs/artwork using a range of different sized photo frames. There is no denying that a gallery wall can add a unique edge to the rooms in your home. Take a look at some gallery wall inspiration online if you are not familiar with their look. If you want to add a personal touch to your home, create a gallery wall using your own photos. You can even base the gallery wall on a theme. Maybe you want to create a holiday wall that includes a selection of photos from a memorable holiday. You have the creative freedom to make it your own, and it is sure to become an impressive focal point in any room. 

Pick A Home Décor Style

Your options for home décor are endless so it is no surprise that you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions. If you are struggling to know where to start it can help to pick a home décor style that best reflects your personality. If you are someone who likes to feel relaxed and hates clutter, a minimalist style could be the best route to follow. Start by looking at different home décor styles online. Look at as many examples as possible and write down what you like. This will help you choose a style that best suits your personality. 

Upcycle Furniture

If you want to add personal touches to your home, it is time to get creative. Upcycling can be a great way to create unique pieces, but ones that you have also put your time and effort into making. For example, if you love the color pink, why not spray paint your old kitchen cabinets to create a pink paradise? It allows you to make your home your own, and it is also a cost-effective way to revamp your old furniture. There are plenty of upcycling tips that you can look at online if this is something that you have not delved into before. It is also ideal for those of you who are on a tight budget.


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